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New Hampshire State Representative Misses 16 Months

Not Even a "Present" Vote? For 16 Months?

Imagine you get an awesome new job. Now imagine right after you accept, you're plagued by a bad knee, a break up, a little depression. . . you might take a sick day or two, right? How about 16 months worth of sick days? Only if that awesome new job is as an elected state representative and your name is Michael R. DesRoches.

This New Hampshire Democrat was elected to office in 2006. Since then, according to colleagues he hasn't shown up to a single session in Concord, or cast a single vote. Why? What could possibly have detained him from serving his duty? Well, he explains it best (?) "I was concentrating on myself. Because if I didn't have a clear mind, with everything going on with my depression, how (would) I be able to actually vote correctly?" Perhaps this isn't entirely necessary to state, but DesRoches has resigned.

I'd like to say only in America, but. . .


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