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New Jersey Slang

9 Words to Know For Dating in New Jersey

We like to think the Jersey Shore is our cultural compass for all things Jersey, but how could we forget the Real Housewives of the Garden State? They may be mostly married, but they don't talk like they are!

We defined some of the harder-to-understand Jersey Shore words and phrases last season, yet the real New Jersey is illuminated when you take both shows and create a guide to Jersey slang.

  1. Blowout: It's not dirty. Just the primping ritual of a guido prepping for a night out creeping. To get the look men blow-dry hair while brushing it upwards and slathering on gel. See Pauly D.
  2. Fresh to death: An oxymoron, yes, but the three best words to describe "the hottest of the hot and trendiest of the trendy."
  3. Stage five clinger: Someone who becomes excessively attached in the early phase of dating.
  4. Kim: A woman over 40 who lives in New Jersey. Named for the excessive number of women named Kim in the second season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.
  5. Smush: To have sex with a guido or guidette.

Read the rest below.

  1. Pound: A less cuddly word for more aggressive sex with a guido/guidette or regular earthling.
  2. Vibe: To be mutually attracted.
  3. Prostitution whore: Someone who's been engaged 19 times. And, you're right, it doesn't make any sense.
  4. Chicken cutlet night: A night when "Italian-Americans gather to consume breaded poultry." OK, maybe it doesn't have anything to do with dating, but you know somewhere at some point things got saucy on chicken cutlet night.

Image Sources: MTV and Bravo
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