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New Jib Jab Movie

New Obama/McCain Jib Jab Movie! Funny, Funnier, or Feh?

Though hog-tied comics are bemoaning the excruciating difficulty of making jokes about the oh, so serious and sensitivity-requiring state of the election (hey, it's not working construction, jokesters) Jib Jab thinks they've found a way around the "how do we tell a joke like Obama" dilemma.

Looking like the 2004 Bush and Kerry This Land Is Your Land vid, the 2008 installment is set to Bob Dylan's Times They Are a-Changin'. Did they solve the Obama humor-vacuum by making him ride a unicorn? I don't know about you, but that's how he appears in my dreams, anyway. I question whether the format, which felt so fresh in 2004, has weathered the last four years — it feels a little Dean-y to me. And! Come on people, yes, JSM (or JMac, take your pick) is old. Old, old, old as the hills. We get it. Can we please find something else funny about him?

That said, this new version could rule because you can put yourself in it through the magic of Photoshop. Ooh! Put yourself in it and show us! Fun project!

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