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New Year's Resolutions For Love

8 Love Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

The New Year inspires a sense of renewal in everyone: with this fresh start comes the notorious concept of New Year's resolutions. While I'm all for putting pen to paper to map out your goals for the year, half the time we feel more guilty about not keeping our resolutions than inspired during the process of writing them down. That said, setting goals in your love life that are attainable can bring a lot to your outlook on relationships. Whether you're single or seeing someone, here are eight loving resolutions that can actually stick in 2014.

If you're in a relationship . . .

  • Practice random acts of relationship kindness. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in our work obligations and other distractions that we forget about the people who love us the most. No need to make a big deal about these things to your partner. Simply go out and buy their favorite candy, cook up their most loved meal, or put on a little something sexy just because.
  • Make a point for quality time. If you're living together, coexisting in the same space can feel safe and secure, but be sure to also try to get out and do some activities together that can enjoy together. Go for a long hike. Check out some local film festivals. Take a cooking class. Planning these special activities together will strengthen your relationship and show your partner that you care.
  • Update your family and friends on the good stuff too. We all have a tendency to call the people who love us to vent about our relationships and what's going wrong. Make a point to tell your support network about the positive things going on in your relationship also. It will make things easier for you and your partner in the long run when you spend time with your crew. And I know there's nothing that makes my family happier than when I tell them how sweet and good things are going.
  • Keep reading for more ideas!

  • Do more double dates. If you and your beau feel like you're spending all your time together, it's probably because you are. Mix things up by socializing with other couples or going out with a big crew. Bringing others into the equation should only make you cherish your relationship more.

If you're single . . .

  • Stop getting hung up on a bad prospect. Don't waste too much time on someone just because they look good on paper. When you feel it you know. Just because someone is nice or handsome doesn't mean that they're necessarily the right match for you. I'm all about giving everyone a shot. But if you go on a date and you're not into it, the next time he calls, put on your big girl pants and say you're just not interested.
  • Rethink your dealbreakers. If I had a penny for every time I heard a girl talk about the six-foot rule, I would be a very rich lady. Yes, tall is nice, but there are so many other things that you need to consider in order to build a lasting relationship. Instead of focusing on how he looks, how much money he makes, etc., focus on how he makes you feel and how he treats other people. This is way more telling of how a guy will act in a relationship than how much dough he has in his bank account.
  • Be cool with where you are. Above all else, if you have any single dating resolution for 2014, I urge you to be comfortable and confident with where you are at. Fixating on lack will only bring more lack to your dating life. Recognizing that you're exactly where you need to be will only make you more confident, secure, and therefore sexy to a potential suitor. And all those people who say, "It happens when you least expect it." They're not lying.
  • Challenge yourself and try something new. If you feel like you're in a dating rut, stop complaining and put yourself out there. Maybe you've shied away from getting set up on a blind date or the concept of online dating in general, but a new year means a new you. Trying new things with an open mind can only help your dating life.

Are you setting any resolutions this year? Share them in the comments below!

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