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New York Voters Not Crazy About Caroline Kennedy

Most voters in New York don't want Caroline Kennedy to represent them in the US Senate. A new poll shows only 24 percent of voters back Caroline's bid, compared to 31 percent who want her rival, State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, to get Hillary's spot. Lucky for Caroline, unlike most wannabe senators, she doesn't have to court the voters. She only has one person to convince — Gov. Paterson.

Just in case you think the unpopularity of JFK's daughter is a backlash against legacies (can't get a more political name than Clinton or Kennedy), rival Cuomo has a political pedigree, too. His father Mario Cuomo served as NY governor from 1983 to 1994. And it gets better: his ex-wife, Kerry Kennedy, is the daughter of Bobby Kennedy. I think this race just got personal.

Considering the volatility of polls, do you think the opinions of 1,664 voters polled should sway the governor's decision?


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