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New Yorkers Seek Speech Therapy to Lose Accents

Have You Tried to Change Your Accent?

I am fascinated by accents — consonants dropped, vowels found. It's a fascinating piece of history imprinted in what we can and cannot do with our tongues, in a SFW sort of way.

A true New York accent is inescapable. It's in every syllable and sigh, almost as if you can hear it before a person opens his mouth. But as with all things, it's far less intriguing when it's your accent, and it doesn't help that the Jersey Shore has made a mockery of the tristate's diction.

Now The New York Times has a trend piece about New Yorkers seeking speech therapy to get rid of their accents for good. Speech therapy is extreme, but I've known Bostonians, New Yorkers, and Southerners who have purposefully and successfully lost their accents. Mostly.

Have you tried?

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