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News Anchor Laughs In The Face Of Tragedy

But I bet he won't be laughing when he gets fired for his insensitive on-air giggling. While reporting on a deadly highway crash and fire, Jay Warren (who ironically works for the station that claims to be "on your side") can't help but chuckle to himself. What's so funny, Jay?

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SkinnyBitch SkinnyBitch 9 years
yeah seriously stop being a such a joyless ....
blackmagicwoman blackmagicwoman 9 years
Come on, have a sense of humor! It is people like you who take everything to the extreme and make everything so serious that the world is the way that it is. No one can joke about anything anymore with worrying about offending someone. Someone is always going to be offended! Lighten up! If you can't find humor in the most serious of situations then you have nothing. Everyone (even you, I am sure!!!) has laughed at something deemed inappropriate at one time or another. It happens, Deal with it.
UrbanBohemian UrbanBohemian 9 years
I truly hate it when newscasters do that. Plane crash, drowning, robbery, shooting, fires, what have you, it's unprofessional and inexcusable.
JenSterrr JenSterrr 9 years
oh man...i wouldn't want to be him after doing that and then having to go into his news director's office to explain what the hell he was thinking that would lead to that...even though we've all been in situations like those, it's hard to understand how he could laugh, repeatedly, while reporting on such a serious situation. The mere fact that he's reporting a tragedy should have put him in the mood of the story -- serious and somber. It's called journalistic integrity...and having empathy of others.
j_a780 j_a780 9 years
This man is a monster, how could someone laugh talking about 3 people dying in a tragic accident! If your just as disgusted as I am, please let the station know. Here is there contact information below.... Phone: 540-981-9126 News hotline: 1-800-SEE-NEWS email: Sales# 540-981-9110
Forensic Forensic 9 years
I was thinking the same thing, Phil. It seemed like the people chugging on their bottles got him laughing. =\
My-Opinion My-Opinion 9 years
I couldn't get it to play! Just as well though..
Phil Phil 9 years
haha. Yeah, it's insensitive but I could understand why he was laughing. In two instances people were nonchalantly drinking water, which is an awkward scene in the face of horror. And the one laughter outbreak in the middle I assume was the shot of n object that looked like boxers.
emmad18 emmad18 9 years
Ouch how disrespectful. But I still laugh at it, because we've all been in a situation where it's inappropriate to laugh and you just can't stop :)
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