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News to Me: Male Strip Clubs Just For Women

As it turns out, strip clubs solely directed at women are all the rage in Moscow these days according to Reuters. And these aren't just for bachelorette parties or fiftieth birthday celebrations. Women are heading to clubs for any old occasion, including your average cocktail hour. Interestingly enough, the article states:

Unlike the female version, male striptease rarely involves full nudity. . . . club workers say sex is not a priority for the women.

I find it fascinating that the notion of a strip club solely for women in Moscow is an everyday occurrence, while here in the US, it's something most women have never experienced, let alone frequent on a weekly basis. Perhaps if social norms were different here, more women would be spending their free nights at the local strip joint for a nice martini and a lap dance. Would you consider visiting strip clubs — outside of novelty occasions — if it was more socially acceptable?


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