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Yeah, baby. Just when you thought only the intellectual heavies like Time weighed in on the election, along comes blessed Maxim, king dude of all the lad mags, and the sublime item, "Head of State." Authored by none other than Sy Sperling, "not only President, I'm also a client" of the Hair Club for Men, this could be the most grippingly accurate prediction of the campaign to date.

Using nothing but his knowledge of how hair makes the man (or Hillary,) Sy makes some startlingly prescient observations. To wit:

About John Edwards: "He's a Democrat with a Republican's hairstyle. It doesn't fit . . . he needs a change more than anybody. Kerry and Edwards were like Batman and Robin. But he isn't Robin anymore."

About Mitt Romney: "Mitt's got a great overall look, but it's too perfect. He'd probably be better off taking over the Hair Club than running for President of the United States."

The whole piece is a perfectly coiffed blend of political insight meets frat house infomercial — go steal the January issue from your bro and see for yourself.

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