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Nicolas Sarkozy Cuts Nuclear Weapons

Sarkozy Slashes Nukes By 33 Percent

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has announced he is cutting the number of France's airborne nuclear warheads by one-third. The cuts will leave France with fewer than 300 missiles, half of their stockpile from the Cold War. He added that despite the cuts, France is committed to a nuclear weapon's program as a "life insurance" policy.

In a speech dedicating a new nuclear submarine (called the Terrible) Sarkozy said, "by giving this information, France is fully transparent since it has no other weapons than those in its operational stocks. Moreover, I confirm that none of our weapons are targeted at anybody."

Are you impressed by this bold assertion? Is this an example the rest of the world should follow? Is he compromising French safety, or should other nuclear countries adopt similar plans?


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