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Nigella Lawson Wears Burqini — You Can, Too!

Why You Might Swap Your Bikini For a Burqini This Summer

Apparently you don't have to be Muslim to hit the beach this Summer in a burqini. For those of you who don't know about this season's must-have swimwear, the burqini is a head-to-toe bathing suit originally designed for modest Muslim women. But British TV chef Nigella Lawson recently made waves when she was spotted wearing the full-body suit for nonreligious reasons. Inspired by this trendsetting celeb chef, here are five reasons to don a burqini (and don't fret French women, since it doesn't cover the face I doubt it's included in the French burqa ban).

  • It protects your entire body from the sun, which is why Lawson and Nicole Kidman wear the suit.
  • Feeling bloated? Not ready for bikini season? The burqini covers any and all unsightly bumps and bulges.
  • If you're trying not to be recognized by the paparazzi or an ex-boyfriend, pair the burqini with sunglasses and a hat for an incognito beach or pool outing.
  • You can be a modest role model for skimpy-bikini-wearing tweens.
  • It's timeless — you can wear it for years to come.
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