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Nigerian Man Has 86 Wives

Too Much of a Good Thing? This Cat Has 86 Wives

While we may have been shocked by the FLDS polygamy case in the US, this Nigerian man has that beat by a harem. Mohammed Bello Abubakar, 84, has 86 wives. Yes, that's right: 86 wives and at least 170 children. Far from recommending the practice to others, he says it takes a very special spirit to be wedded to scores of brides. He says, "A man with 10 wives would collapse and die, but my own power is given by Allah. That is why I have been able to control 86 of them." He has a reputation as a healer, which is why they're drawn to him. "I don't go looking for them, they come to me. I will consider the fact that God has asked me to do it and I will just marry them."

To find out how he cares for an Economy-Sized family, and how the women feel about it,


The Nigerian Archbishop says polygamy flies in the face of Christianity, and Islamic authorities have branded the family a cult, but the big question remains: how does one man provide for a brood so big? Abubakar says by the grace of God. He doesn't work, nor do any of his wives, yet they still manage to pay the giant cost of feeding and clothing an army — they eat almost $1,000 of food per day. One of the wives says sometimes the children are sent out to beg, and the wives live three to a room in an unfurnished house. He doesn't allow any of his family to take medicine, and denies that malaria exists.

The wives, however, seem content. One says, "I am now the happiest woman on earth. When you marry a man with 86 wives you know he knows how to look after them." He's had a lot of practice, to be sure!


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Quindora Quindora 8 years
I think that everybody should be allowed to have as many husbands/wives as they want (to a certain extent) as long as they can take care of them and don't have tons of kids (maybe 1 per wife or less). The USA is supposed to be a FREE country, but things like this make it not so. --Quindora
pinky23 pinky23 9 years
i really don't understand how no one in the family works. his views on healthcare and disease are really alarming. :(
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 9 years
Of course he doesn't work, he's too busy making babies. But he has no problem sending his children to beg for food and money. DISGUSTNG. :sick:
jessie jessie 9 years
:jawdrop: yikes...
AmberHoney AmberHoney 9 years
Just when you think you've heard it all.
sofi sofi 9 years
Yeah, he doesn't work and sends the kids out to beg? A bit fishy I think. Not the point but do they at least farm their own food? His 'destiny' is a bit creepy, and I just shudder to think about these women and their mentality. To each his own I suppose... :shrug:
Auntie-Coosa Auntie-Coosa 9 years
Someone needs to follow the money. There's no way a person who needs a thousand dollars a day to feed his family isn't doing something clandestine. There's more to this story than meets the eye.
True-Song True-Song 9 years
It's their own deal. We're prudish about polygamy, but throughout history it's been the most common form of marriage.
DarkRayne DarkRayne 9 years
Just another cult leader controlling weak minded women with mental issues.
TheEnchantedOne TheEnchantedOne 9 years
"When you marry a man with 86 wives you know he knows how to look after them." Yeah, right. Making the children beg.. that's a really good way of providing for the family. :oy:
sw33tlovin sw33tlovin 9 years
lmao. i find this article disturbing and funny. he thinks that this was destined for him? i don't understand how you can be so irresponsible to have that many kids where they end up having to beg for food. & i'm pretty sure the members of FLDS have had that many wives or more.
rabidmoon rabidmoon 9 years
I wish I could offer something more eloquent, more incensed...but all I've got is.. /facepalm
stephley stephley 9 years
From the article, it does sound much more like a cult than anything approaching marriage. It's fascinating to learn what people are willing to do with their lives.
hithatsmybike hithatsmybike 9 years
Hey, if they're happy, I say let them stay that way! But malaria doesn't exist? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Probably not for them because of genetics, but begging and living in an unfurnished house probably means they don't have much of an education to recognize some of the harsh realities that surround them.
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