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Nightmare Roommate Stories

10 Nightmare Roommate Stories

When life partners you with a bad roommate, they make a great story. Last week I asked for the worst of your worst roommate stories.

From lacking boundaries and rudimentary etiquette to having devious agendas and homicidal tendencies, you were full of worst-case scenarios. Here are 10 of the best/worst.

  • "They broke a Pyrex baking dish of mine (not a big deal) and didn't bother to tell me. I found out when I slipped on a sizable piece that they failed to pick up and it got lodged in my foot." — lilkimbo
  • "The stoner that forgot I was his roommate and invited his friend to move into my room." — gigly_grl
  • "I had a roommate, "Scarlet," who went to LA for a month for a gig and left a pot of matzo ball soup on the stove to mold when she took off. While she was gone, the landlord had a new front door put on the building, so when Scarlet came back, her key didn't work. Instead of calling me, she had two guy friends come over and kick the door in." — theCatsPajamas
  • "He wanted us to all take turns cleaning his 6' long tropical fish tank because, he said 'why should I be responsible for something we all enjoy??'" — Anonymous
  • "I had a 'Single White Female' roommate. She stole all my clothes. She would pretend to be me on the phone and invited a guy I was seeing to come over when I wasn't there. (luckily I happened to call him right before he left) AND the best for morning I awoke to an empty apt. Walked into the bathroom where she had wrapped a turned on curling iron with a towel!!" — NikkiRuby

Can it get any worse? Find out below.

  • "My first roommate didn't speak to me the whole time we lived together. I introduced myself to her, she told me her name, and I think that was the only conversation we had. Literally, she never spoke. I'd ask her questions and she'd nod or shake her head, but she didn't speak, unless her boyfriend came over, and then they'd whisper." — chatondeneige
  • "She bought a razor, didn't open it, used mine instead, and claimed that she thought it was hers!" — yellinln
  • "A week after she moved into the apartment she quit her job and didn't know how she was going to pay rent. A month later she married her boyfriend because he was deploying to Iraq. While her hubby was away she would have internet "dates" with him (more than once I walked into the apartment to find her sprawled out naked on the living room floor in front of a webcam." — hibiscus96818
  • [She] "told me I was not allowed to have my boyfriend spend the night more than once a week. Fast forward four months and she was pregnant and her boyfriend moved in with us. Ugh." — Anonymous
  • "The worst was the guy who decided he was sick of not being able to use a dish if they were in the dishwasher (despite the fact that I was always the one washing them and he didn't do bubkiss to help out) and took all of the silverware to his room so that he could have them whenever he wanted." — tlsgirl

Source: Flickr User the hanner

Join The Conversation
wildsngrny wildsngrny 6 years
How about the roomie who jumped into the shower with my hubby while I was at work? Needless to say, she was removed from the premises. By him.
runswimmerrun runswimmerrun 6 years
My first roommate in college with whom I only lived with the mandatory 3 weeks before we were allowed to move out: 1) Webcam broadcasted with her boyfriend 24/7. There is no hiding from those in a dorm room, so I changed in the floor's bathroom, but he got to watch me sleep. (Barf) 2) She used to sleep with half eaten bowls of EasyMac in her bed. 3) Leave "used evidence" of her and her boyfriends "activities" on the floor. 4) Once brought an entire cake into the room, proceeded to tell me how delicious and special it was, and told me I can not have any. As a varsity swimmer, I was always very hungry and this was pretty sad.
Miss-Infamous Miss-Infamous 6 years
this is why I will NEVER have a roommate I love living alone!
lilegwene lilegwene 6 years
These are hilarious and awful. I had one similar to NikkiRuby's experience too. She'd eat my food, borrow my clothes without asking, and one day I was out late with friends came back to our apartment and roomie was in MY BED with a boy I had never seen before.
skigurl skigurl 6 years
I think I lived with NikkiRuby's roomate I can't even tell you the things my crazy roomate did because she will probably be able to identify herself and come to kill me
lilkimbo lilkimbo 6 years
I forgot a great story on the original thread. A housemate of mine junior year left for the weekend, locked the door to her bedroom and left her tv on. And it was really loud. We lived in an old house with thin walls, so my roommate and I couldn't sleep because her tv was so loud. Eventually, the two of us went downstairs and slept on the pull out couch.
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