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Nightmare Roommates

What's Your Nightmare Roommate Story?

Whether you're the odd girl out in a roommate love affair or you have an all-around terror for a roommate, there's always drama when people live together. If nothing else, the worst roommates can make the best stories, so vent your nightmare below.

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LoveSarah LoveSarah 6 years
I let a friend stay with me when she was in need. At the time I had a TINY 1 bedroom apartment so she slept on the sleeper sofa in the living room. She had lost her job and I was trying to help her out, but instead of looking for a job she would go out until 4am and then sleep all day on my couch and then YELL at me if I used my computer for homework. I couldn't even watch TV or bring people over because there she was! She would also leave rasins in her shoes (no joke) and then we got bugs because of it. She would eat all my food, not clean up after herself, use ALL of my beauty products and take my clothes. It was awful. I finally told her to get out.
tlsgirl tlsgirl 6 years
Oh so many of them! The worst was the guy who decided he was sick of not being able to use a dish if they were in the dishwasher (despite the fact that I was always the one washing them and he didn't do bubkiss to help out) and took all of the silverware to his room so that he could have them whenever he wanted. Just the tip of the iceberg on that one...psycho.
amber512 amber512 6 years
I have to say, NikkiRuby, that story makes me afraid to ever have a roommate! Curling irons wrapped in towels that are turned on and are just waiting to burn you! AGH! My only "roommate" has been my husband and after reading all of these stories I feel very lucky!
neonbee neonbee 6 years
I used to live with my cousin and that didn't end too well. She "borrowed" my clothes and never returned them. Or if she did return them, she denies ever wearing them. She never helped me in the kitchen either. I cooked and baked and washed the dishes, whilst she just enjoyed herself. She also had friends over ALL THE TIME, even when I was studying for finals.
yellinln yellinln 6 years
My roommate last year was disgusting. We lived in a one bedroom apartment on campus. She was from Paris and went home over Christmas break and left dirty dishes in the sink for over 2 weeks. She was 25 and I had to remind her to lock the door at night and when she left for class during the day. She bought a razor, didn't open it, used mine instead, and claimed that she thought it was hers! Most days when she didn't shower she would just douse herself in stinky perfume; when she did shower, she'd always leave her dark and curly hair in the drain.
hibiscus96818 hibiscus96818 6 years
I've had my share of nightmare roommates! The first was a great friend until we moved in together. A week after she moved into the apartment she quit her job and didn't know how she was going to pay rent. A month later she married her boyfriend because he was deploying to Iraq. While her hubby was away she would have internet "dates" with him (more than once I walked into the apartment to find her sprawled out naked on the living room floor in front of a webcam - GROSS!). She would smoke in the house even when I asked her not to. I could go on and on about this one! The second roommate I had went crazy because I didn't spend enough time with her (note: I was going through cancer treatment at the time and didn't feel like going out every night and boozing it up). She didn't speak to me for the last 3 months I lived in the house and turned a couple of mutual friends against me. The third roommate I had was great until my boyfriend and I got serious and I started staying weekends at his place (I never had him over to our apartment because I didn't want to disrespect her). She stopped talking to me and in a letter asked me to leave the apartment because I didn't know how to clean up after myself and she and her fiance were tired of playing maid. Anyone who knows me knows that I keep my home very clean...I can't stand a messy house.
nikkisoda nikkisoda 6 years
I had a "Single White Female" roommate. She stole all my clothes. She would pretend to be me on the phone and invited a guy I was seeing to come over when I wasn't there. (luckily I happened to call him right before he left) AND the best for morning I awoke to an empty apt. Walked into the bathroom where she had wrapped a turned on curling iron with a towel!!!
chequettex chequettex 6 years
In college I didn't have a horrible roommate, per se, but I had a string of bad roomie circumstances. First of all, when I showed up ready to start my freshman year, they didn't have a room ready for me because they always overbook freshmen, figuring some would not show up. I had to live in a dorm lounge with several other girls until a room opened up for me on the 3rd day of classes. My roommate never talked to me much and was diagnosed with clinical depression before Thanksgiving Break. 2nd semester, a friend asked me to move into her dorm room b/c her previous roomie couldn't come back that semester. Surprise! She did come back, but fortunately she let me stay in the room I'd already moved into and she found someplace else. My new roommate turned out to be a total slob who created waist-high piles of clothing. Another girl asked me to be her roommate when I came back for sophomore year, but when classes started she did not show up. She'd eloped over the summer. So I had a room to myself until they moved someone else in with me who was very nice but almost never in the room. A girl on my floor asked me if I'd like to move in with her the next semester, so I did and things turned around - we were great roommates for the next 2.5 years. After college I lived in a house with 3 other girls for a time. It was kind of a revolving door with girls moving out and other girls moving in, and one night the last girl to move in decided to paint all the wooden kitchen cabinets a bright turquoise shade during the middle of the night. It was a fun morning for the other 3 of us...
ashleydawn ashleydawn 6 years
else411, I'm a JW too and I can't believe your roommate acted like that! She sounds like a NIGHTMARE! That sucks that you have to live with all that craziness.
chatondeneige chatondeneige 6 years
Oh man, I've had some pretty crazy roommates. My college onces were the worst, because you can't escape to another room. My first roommate didn't speak to me the whole time we lived together. I introduced myself to her, she told me her name, and I think that was the only converstaion we had. Literally,she never spoke. I'd ask her questions and she'd nod or shake her head, but she didn't speak, unless her boyfriend came over, and then they'd whisper. My second roommate "had OCD" and took meds, but she was only obsessive when it came to how other people lived their lives. Her half of the room was a huge mess, but if I left a jacket on the floor instead of a hanger, I'd have my head bitten off. She could leave dishes for days, but if I didn't rinse my water glass and left it on my desk, I'd get a lecture. She then went on to get an internet boyfriend, who she invited to stay in our room after knowing him for just six days! Without asking me! He made plans and came to visit. How creepy is that? I managed to stay with friends almost the entire time and didn't get to know him, but... it still creeped me out that he'd just stay in the room of someone he'd known for a few weeks and someone he literally didn't know at all. There were like, 400 other reasons she was a bad roommate, but those were the big two.
theCatsPajamas theCatsPajamas 6 years
i had a roommate, "Scarlet", who went to LA for a month for a gig and left a pot of matzo ball soup on the stove to mold when she took off. While she was gone, the landlord had a new front door put on the building, so when Scarlet came back, her key didn't work. Instead of calling me, she had two guy friends come over and kick the door in. She painted her room royal purple and when she moved out, the landlords and I found giant purple spots all over her floor -- which are gorgeous hardwood parquet original to the building (prewar!). Tragedy!!!! It took them 2 weeks of painstaking scrubbing with toothbrushes to get them out without ruining the floor!
else411 else411 6 years
At 22 I made the mistake of having a roommate after years of living alone. Found us a beautiful huge two bedroom on the lake, super cheap rent. First 10 months normal, she was a JW and a pioneer, then summer came and she stopped Pioneering and became someone else. Every day I would come home from work and find a different guy/group of men (boys) sitting on my couch. First day it was "she ran to the store" then it was "she meet me on a lunch break and said I could bum here til she got off work 7 hrs later". She could not fathom why this scared me (theft or worse rape), stupid me thought I was being to bougie and needed to be more open. 2nd sign- was when she invited a couple to live for free on my couch and they brought two cats. Final straw was when she went out and brought back a fcuk buddy for the night, me and my two new "roomies" tried to make polite small talk but all he could focus on was the white fluffy cat who he grabbed and petted and hugged and stroked. We went into my room to watch tv while they sat in the front room. Cut to morning and the man and cat are missing. As we question her she confesses she doesn't know his name or where he lives, so we walk the area screaming for Snowball for about 2 hrs. We get back home and find Snowball has crawled into the couch (it was a sleeper sofa) and was now trapped. After that I decided this is way more drama than I ever wanted and I could not be that free. I had everyone move out that weekend and struggled for the last month before my lease was done. Yes all that happend in 1 month. Sorry for so long but after that I have never wanted to live with another person.
goddessru goddessru 6 years
I've had quite a few! 1- 3 girls and me, the one I shared a room with didn't know how to clean up after herself and would cry over everything. The other one would constantly ask me where I was going, with who, why, when would I be back, like she was my mom. The third girl would talk about how much better she was than everyone. All three were the same race, and onetime they teased the first girl and made her cry, and then later told me they couldn't discuss the issue with me because I wasn't their race. UM OK! 2- In college my one roommate decided that everytime she came back to the room, she would bring a posse of 2-5 people, no matter the time or day. She did it one NIGHT/morning at 3AM when I had a 8am class, and they hung around until 7am. 3- LAST rommate I'll ever have was a passive-aggressive nosy "big fish in a little pond" who was really weird. She was extremly controlling about how everything should be, manipulative about getting her way, and always asking me where I was going, with who, etc. She got into a relationship with a guy 1 weeks after we moved in, and all of a sudden there was loud movies playing at 1am, loud crying, loud laughing. They broke up about 2 months before we moved out and she turned into a complete passive-agressive monster, leaving me nasty notes about using her stuff, she stopped cleaning up, and had some serious attitude. Needless to say, I never saw her stupid a$$ again. Gosh, roommates are so much drama!
redchick152 redchick152 6 years
my roommate and i got a kitten and had no problems with it for about 2-3 months. she started dog sitting for her boyfriend at the time (w/o asking me BTW) and that dog must have brought in a flea b/c our house was literally exploding with fleas within about 1.5 weeks. i tried bug bombing the house and had no where to put the kitten for the 45 mins it takes, so i put it in my car and cracked the windows. needless to say the bomb didn't work and the cat squeezed out of a window and ran away. to this day, i still have nightmares about fleas. in fact, i'm starting to itch now!
gigly_grl gigly_grl 6 years
Omigod, where to begin? 1. There was the dorm roommate that was skull and crossbones to my backstreet boys... she would blast her music while I tried to work/sleep, she invited over 10 people to crash in our room one night, she went crazy on me because I threw out some moldy oranges I found under the rad purely from the stench. 2. The stoner that forgot I was his roommate and invited his friend to move into my room... 3. Small apartment, 4 female roommates, 3 boyfriends, 1 cat, 1 bathroom, 2 cat allergies, nuff said.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 6 years
Oh, and later in the year, the same girls broke a Pyrex baking dish of mine (not a big deal) and didn't bother to tell me. I found out when I slipped on a sizable piece that they failed to pick up and it got lodged in my foot. After my foot bled for about an hour straight, I decided I should go to the hospital. Of course, even though they were home, my roommates were too busy to drive me to the hospital (about 5 minutes away). OK, I could go on and on with more stories about these girls, but I will stop. This has been cathartic.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 6 years
I lived with these girls who got a stray cat despite the fact that I'm allergic to cats. (This was one of many, many things they did that got on my nerves.) They accused me of lying about my cat allergy because my parents (who I lived with over the summer; this was when I was in college) had a cat. Of course, my parents lived in a 3000 square foot house and their cat was never allowed upstairs and actually rarely even left the basement. I lived in about a 750 square foot apartment and the girl who actually shared my bedroom with me (there were four of us and two bedrooms) always accidentally left the door open. The cat instantly fell in love with my bed for some reason and loved to lay on it. I guess it turned out OK because I wound up loving that cat and just taking a ton of Benadryl. (And I'm lucky that my cat allergy isn't severe.) But still, I was livid at the time.
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