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omminka omminka 7 years
I love seeing what the First Ladies are wearing and I find it interesting. Clothes are a great way a person can represent theirselves as well as their country; and I think that Michelle is doing a superb job. Politics and fashion are two of my greatest interests so seeing them mixed is like my own personal Vogue. I admit before viewing the slideshow I knew nothing to very little about First Ladies other than Michelle and Carla so this slideshow inspires me to want to find out more about them.
wren2911 wren2911 7 years
Futhermore (got sidetracked and didn't finish the first post) including Chantal Biya is an OUTRAGE! I lived in Cameroon for a year and her antics are not well received there- she is flaunting her husband's misuse of public funds and pillaging of natural resources while the majority of the country is struggling to find food (often having to eat internationally protected species!) and very few have access to clean drinking water. Shameful reporting, all.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
I have to agree wren. I would rather hear about what these first ladies are doing with their position towards making the world a better place rather than what they are wearing.
wren2911 wren2911 7 years
This article (while flattering to the ladies that it highlights) is also insulting. I'm tired of reading reviews of what Mrs. Obama is wearing- I would rather find inspiration from her life story- the way she worked through school, the fact that she is not only a fashionista but also a successful lawyer, politician, and mother. More articles on their accomplishments, not their polishing! Perhaps once we look for the things that make them outstandind members of society will we, as women, actually get to be viewed as more than just pretty pieces of a powerful man's accessory list, but rather taken seriously for what we do in life. Which I'm hoping is more than just wearing fabulous clothing- and may help bring about the day when we can read an article about "First Husband" attire.
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