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Nipple Fidget Spinners

Nipple Fidget Spinners Exist and They're Called "Fidgetiddies"

When the fidget spinner butt plug was released in June, we thought we had seen the toy reach its most extreme iteration. How sadly mistaken we were then. On Twitter, a woman invented fidget spinner nipple covers, or pasties. She's now calling them "fidgetiddies."

In her big reveal, Manuela shared the mesmerizing pasties — something that she admitted "absolutely no one asked for." The video and her hysterical invention have since amassed thousands of retweets and replies on the social media platform. So much so that she then decided to share a tutorial so that inquiring viewers could make their own!

Here's how it works: apply round-cut pieces of Velcro tape to two pasties. Then, affix the other piece of Velcro to the fidget spinner. Attach the fidget spinner to the pasties and you're left with fidgetiddies. As Manuela noted in the video, it's best to use heavy duty Velcro so that the fidget spinners do not fall off. If you're unsure about making your own, Manuela is also offering to sell them. What will they think of next?

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