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Nothing But Trouble

Dear Sugar
I've been going out with Andy for 7 months. We broke up in August but then got back together until Oct when we officially broke up for good! He told me that his feelings for me have changed and I took it rather hard. He was my first love and after our split he cut off communication between us. Actually, there was never even a real ending - one night he left my house and since then has never answered a single call. My friends still hang out with him and it seems like they have chosen him over me. They don't call me either anymore and it really stinks! Recently, I've met some new people to hang out with and I like them a lot. But of course, Andy resurfaces again. One night he was IMING me out of the blue to tell me that he is dating a friend of mine. She was one of my best friends so this news hurt me a lot. To make it worse at school she had been ignoring I know why. She has taken all of my old friends too and they are ignoring me as well. I am so depressed! So I dropped out for a while. Well I got my GED and am now enrolled at a community college and recently was at a party where I ran into Andy and my friend. They've since been harassing me; calling me names, telling lies about me and saying I vandalized his car. I didn't do any of this. In fact, I do my best to stay away from all of them but somehow they find me and make my life miserable. Please help. Going Psycho

Dear Going Psycho
Congratulations on getting your GED. You are doing the right thing by staying away from him and everyone associated with him. This guy and his gang seem like nothing but trouble. I am sure it's not easy for you right now - it sounds like you have been alienated by everyone you used to be friends with. But these people are weak, bored and lame followers. You don't need them. Try your best to stay positive and surround yourself with people who love you. Maybe even try and make some new friends. You are one heck of a strong girl. If Andy does threaten you, take it to the authorities. You can only hope that they will bore of you ignoring them and will move on from harassing you.

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