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Obama Effigy Found in Oregon Shows Ugly Side of Northwest

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Obama Effigy Found in Oregon Shows Ugly Side of Northwest Officials at George Fox University in Newberg, OR, (a school founded more than a century ago by Quakers) said they found a life-size cardboard cutout of Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama "attached by fishing line to a tree." A sign, reading "Act Six reject," was taped to the effigy. The cutout was found Tuesday morning and immediately taken down. University President Robin Baker is set to address undergraduates at 11:15 a.m. today. "We will not tolerate such displays and condemn it in the strongest terms," Baker said in a press statement Wednesday.

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dreamsugar dreamsugar 8 years
You can't say that racism isn't going to play during election - of course it is - and it's going to play on both sides. But people are going to vote how they want to vote for various reasons as well. We need to stop dwelling on race/religion/"insert differences here" in this country period.
Michelann Michelann 8 years
Haha, if the majority of voters read the NY Times, Obama would win for sure. I wouldn't ever say that voters are educated. But there's a difference between voting on one issue (like abortion, national security, socialized medicine, etc) and voting purely based on race. You're right that if Obama loses, it will be because of uneducated voters. But if McCain lost, it would also be because of uneducated voters. Either way, it's the uneducated, ignorant masses that are deciding the vote. However, that's a much different issue than racism. It's the 'racist' part of your statement I take issue with.
scisrbeatspapr scisrbeatspapr 8 years
and i didn't say racism was the only reason, but i defintely think it's top 3 if not number 1.
scisrbeatspapr scisrbeatspapr 8 years
do you think the majority of voters watch cnn, read the nytimes, watch fox news or read the post? no. most voters don't even know the arguments, they see what they want to see hear what they want to hear, tick the box at the end of the day and go on with their lives. just because we here care about politics doesnt mean the majority of America isn't swayed easily. Let's be real, especially in todays society, these are really not the kind of things most people care to hear or talk about. And just because voters are coming out in record numbers this year and "this is the most important election in decades" doesn't mean more people actually know what's going on. And the only reason record numbers are coming out is because the youth vote is growing. if people weren't swayed so easily why would the McCain campaign even bother with ads like the obama sex education is pedaphila one or whatever it was??? let's be realllllll.
Michelann Michelann 8 years
It's a little extreme to say the only reason he'd lose would be because of "racist, uneducated people". As you've said, there are lots of other factors that go into an election. Don't pretend you've never heard another argument against him.
scisrbeatspapr scisrbeatspapr 8 years
first off, i dont call people stupid. there's a difference between ignorance and stupidity. and no i don't just think that based on racism alone he'll lose, ignorance maybe actually i would say ignorance because i feel like a lot of people that are voting for mccain know nothing about obama's politics because they just assume that he stands for nothing they stand for, or they assume that because he's young he has no experience or lets just say they know nothing about politics period, and that can be said for people voting on both sides. but based souly on politics, no i don't. I honestly don't believe that there is one candidate in this country that has won an election souly based on politics or even marjonially based on politics. and we have a lot of reasons why that is, political parties, money, popularity, political process, etc. and race wouldn't be far fetched.
Michelann Michelann 8 years
Obviously not everybody makes an educated vote, and obviously racism is still an issue. I just don't see how you connect those to get "If Obama loses, it's because people are racist and stupid!" It's an extreme, baseless statement. Do you really not think it might have something to do with his politics?
scisrbeatspapr scisrbeatspapr 8 years
out of 300 million people in america, do you honestly believe that the majority of people voting are based on educated votes? The majority don't even go to college anymore. Most people don't care about politics. The average person, unknowingly should care more about politics because it really does effect them, but let's be real, they don't. And i'm basing this on growing up in America my whole life, interacting with other people, hearing other people speak and what they think, and i dont need statistics to tell me that the majority of people i know don't like politics or know what they are voting for and i also don't need statistics to tell me that i've met enough people in America in my life time to know that racism sure as hell is not dead and Obama being black is a BIG deal. what other basis do i need.
Michelann Michelann 8 years
I bet you are serious. But you're basing this on nothing. There are plenty of people who were going to vote Republican no matter who either candidate was, and there are plenty of independent voters who will be looking at the issues.
scisrbeatspapr scisrbeatspapr 8 years
i'm honestly willing to bet that if Obama was white, mccain wouldnt have a chance. and i'm dead serious.
Michelann Michelann 8 years
Of course race is an issue for some. But race is also an issue for people who will be voting for Obama. I just don't think you can realistically say the election will be won or lost because of his race.
scisrbeatspapr scisrbeatspapr 8 years
the jena 6 proves that racism IS STILL AN ISSUE!
scisrbeatspapr scisrbeatspapr 8 years
don't fool yourself into thinking that there aren't voters that are biast. don't think that just because this is the 21st century people don't think that way. Why do you think apartheid in South Africa wasn't abolished until the early 90's?? why do you think AMERICA was the National Party of South Africa's allies and did nothing to stop apartheid? Cause we had that common hate for communism so racism is ok if it stands up to communism. You know Reagan loved them. (not saying reagan is racist before some goes and says that). Race is still an issue and you can't deny that.
Michelann Michelann 8 years
What do the Jena 6 have to do with anything?
scisrbeatspapr scisrbeatspapr 8 years
"Isn't it racist to assume that anyone who doesn't vote for Obama is doing so because of his race?" well if it meant that i assumed that i was 'racist' against anyone who didn't vote for him. no it's not rascist to say that anyone who doesnt vote for him is doing so because of his race. and i'm saying the reason he won't win (if he doesn't) is because people like this still have an impact and a voice in our sad, uneducated, unrealistic society. look at the jena 6 case or the fact that the there was an elected official who was a member of the KKK in the senate not too long ago. Let's be honest, there is a good chunk of America where racism still thrives and those people sure as hell aren't going to be voting for Obama. I think it's safe to say that a lot of Americans are nervous for THIS kind of change, as sad as that is to say.
organicsugr organicsugr 8 years
Personally, I'm voting for Barack because of his race, and because he makes me cry during his speeches.
UnDave35 UnDave35 8 years
Isn't it racist to assume that anyone who doesn't vote for Obama is doing so because of his race?
Michelann Michelann 8 years
There are plenty of educated, non-racist people that won't be voting for Barack Obama. Don't delude yourself.
scisrbeatspapr scisrbeatspapr 8 years
act 6 is similar to affirmitive action but not from a racial stand point. it's an urban motivator, an initiative to get urban schools back on track, especially for college. it really has nothing to do with race of any kind. people are ignorant and if barack doesn't win it won't be because he's underqualified, it will be because of racist, uneducated people like this.
LiberalOnMyMind LiberalOnMyMind 8 years
Reading this made me sick to my stomach.
kastarte2 kastarte2 8 years
That's what I took it to mean. :sick: I don't think this is the kind of tactic John McCain would agree with. These kids aren't doing anybody any favors.
Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
So when they say "attached by fishing line to a tree," what they mean is, "displayed like a lynching victim," yeah? Sick. Ugh.
Miss-Muffins Miss-Muffins 8 years
There's always someone that goes and does something like that!
kastarte2 kastarte2 8 years
The only thing I could find about act six is this: and I'm not sure it makes any sense :? Or maybe it does...
Michelann Michelann 8 years
Um... this seems pretty inappropriate. Does anybody really think that's a good way to get a message out? Can somebody tell me what Act Six is?
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