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My college roommate who now works in a school in Kenya was telling me about a recent teacher strike at her school. She said all the children believed that Barack Obama would soon come to the rescue, and pay the teachers so all the children could go back to school.

Obama's Kenya connection has transformed the outlook of many in the African country, who feel pride in the American president's Kenyan roots, and subsequently their country.

The Associated Press recently tested the level of enthusiasm by questioning Kenyans living in America. Wilfred Nakundi who lives in Jersey City said that when his relatives call from Kenya "the first thing they ask you these days is 'How is Obama?' — before they ask 'How are you?' . . .They think since we're here, we're experiencing things directly."'

Another Kenyan living in the states described the situation back home: "Everybody wants to be his tribe now, even those fighting his tribe. The Luos lost the presidency in Kenya, but they got the presidency of the US so it's like compensation; he's brought tribe reconciliation." Can Obama count that as a foreign policy accomplishment?


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