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Obama's Lipstick on a Pig Comment and Sarah Palin

The "Lipstick on a Pig" Riff: Pretty Funny or Ugly Politics?

Dare I ask? The second the quote hit, the media machine and political fans everywhere blew a collective gasket. "Oh Mybama! Did you hear what he just said?" Is the outrage justified? The McCain campaign thinks so and has responded in full-force to this comment by Obama yesterday:

You can put lipstick on a pig. It's still a pig. You can wrap an old fish in a piece of paper called change. It's still going to stink after eight years.

The McCain campaign immediately released an ad condemning the remark which CBS has since pulled over footage of Katie Couric contained within. The ad is still available on his website. In addition, the McCain camp called the comment "offensive and disgraceful," while the Obama campaign says it wasn't referring directly to Gov. Sarah Palin in the comment. The audience present laughed at the line, perhaps tying the cosmetic chuckler to Palin's own joke about the difference between a Pit bull and a hockey mom being the aforementioned.

Is this a newsworthy event? According to the reaction to it, yes. Everyone has Google working overtime to see just who else besides your grandma has used the pig-in-lipstick cliché. Apparently, McCain used it to describe Hillary's health care plan and Dick Cheney can't stop using it. What do you make of it?

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