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Obama Outraged by Rev. Wright's Comments and Spectacle

Obama Outraged by Rev. Wright's Comments and Spectacle

At a press conference today, Barack Obama said he was was outraged by his former pastor's, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, recent assertion that criticism of his controversial sermons is an attack on the black church.

Obama had some strong words for the Reverend's person and positions:

The person I saw yesterday was not the person I met 20 years ago. His comments were not only divisive and destructive, but they also give comfort to those that prey on hate and I believe they do not accurately portray the perspective of the black church. They certainly do not accurately portray my values and beliefs. If Reverend Wright thinks that is political posturing on my part, he does not know me very well.

Obama said that he gave Reverend Wright the benefit of the doubt in his Philadelphia speech, based on all the good the pastor had done in his church. But, Obama said he is now again offended by the Reverend's decision to amplify his ridiculous propositions. Wright had made three public appearances in four days.

Do you think Americans will be side-tracked by the controversial Reverend, who seems to enjoy the spotlight? Will Obama's denouncements be enough to separate him from a figure who is causing division instead or unity, or will his efforts fall on deaf ears? Is Barack forever guilty by association?


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