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Obama Signs Major Student Loan Reform

Speed Read! New Law to Help Make College More Affordable

  • Obama signs major student loan reform — Huffington Post
  • Russia hunts "Black Widow" cell made up of 21 female suicide bombers — London Times
  • German Catholic Church launches sex abuse hotline — BBC
  • Tim Geithner says, duh, women could do better job running Wall Street — Jezebel
  • Overeducated Americans turn to census for work — NPR
  • Health care overhaul will lower the cost of being a woman — New York Times
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GregS GregS 7 years
The 2 best pieces of legislation in the last century for the US economy were the GI Bill, and the 1960's decision to go to the moon. The whole concept of higher education for everyone was derived from the GI Bill. More people went to college as a direct result of that bill than ever would have considered going in our history. The raising of the education level brought a marked increase of invention and discovery giving us better products and making buying American to be the quality buy. A number of years ago an economist (a research economist) told me that for every dollar NASA spent during the 60's, the US received over 5 back. Just think about computers. During the moon shots, NASA was using slide rules. By the end of the program, computers were on board the space craft, we had transistors and then solid state circuitry, freeze dried foods, instant coffee, new fabrics and metals. Making more money to education will only improve the economic strength of this country. There are problems. Kids need to be ready for college, and they often are not. Some of the windfall needs to be plowed back into K-12.
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