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Obamacare For Women

Healthcare Reform Is Upheld: What It Means For Women

Fans of healthcare reform can thank Nancy Pelosi's lucky lavender pumps for the Affordable Care Act being upheld today. They were the same shoes the US House Minority Leader wore when President Barack Obama's healthcare reform law passed in 2010, and she wore them today when it was upheld as constitutional. The goal of the law, known also as "Obamacare," is for more Americans to have affordable health insurance. And one of the most controversial provisions is that if you choose not to buy health insurance you'll be subject to a tax. The healthcare reform law has been in limbo for the past two years, so now that the Supreme Court has given it the go-ahead, what does it mean for women? Here's how the ACA affects you:

  • Mammograms Without Copays: You can receive preventive services — such as mammograms and Pap tests — without paying copays. And for women on Medicare, you can get free mammograms.
  • Access For Young Women: Getting health insurance is made more accessible for young women. If you're under 26, you can still use your parents' health insurance plan, no matter your relationship status.
  • Affordable Birth Control: Contraception is made more affordable. Insurance companies and employers are required to cover your birth control, be it for pregnancy prevention or medical reasons, without copays.
  • Preexisting Condition Coverage: Insurance companies can't deny you coverage for a preexisting condition like breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, or diabetes. In the past, women could have been denied from health insurance for what they deemed "preexisting," which could even be pregnancy or being a domestic violence survivor.
  • Choice of Doctors: You can choose your ob/gyn doctor without worrying about gaining approval from your insurance company.

How do you feel about the favorable ruling on Obamacare?

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steph1234 steph1234 5 years
Actually, the rest of us taxpayers will still be paying for the 'shortsidedness' in fact..the shortsidedness will only increase now and place a larger burden on us....Where does everyone think the money to pay the increasing insurance claims will come from? It comes from the premiums we pay every month! Because of that, insurance premiums will sky-rocket in order to pay for the rising cost of medical bills for those pre-existing conditions, those 18 and older dead-beats who want to mooch off mom and dad and use their insurance, and picking up the slack where we no longer must pay copays. Sorry, I'd rather pay a copy than to have my monthly premium rise...when i may or may not even use my insurance. The answer is not to regulate insurance - the answer should be to regulate doctors, hospitals, medical suppliers, and drug companies from charging too much to begin with. 'Obamacare' will not do much more than place a bigger burden on hard-working tax-payers (middle and upper class).
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