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Protesting Men's Magazines With Pajamas and a Conga Line

I don't know how shopping in pajamas could be such an epidemic that grocery chain Tesco made a policy against it, but it happened. Now the UK activist group Object is fighting back. Not because it supports shopping in PJs, but because it believes it's hypocritical to sell sexed-up magazines, like Maxim, while prohibiting jaunts through produce in fuzzy slippers.

Since March, the group's been staging protests at the store's London locations. Protesters in pajamas dart through aisles and cover up laddy mags with papers that say "Lad mags lie about women." Then to ensure their heard, they start a conga line while chanting "Hey, ho, sexist mags have got to go" until security guards conga them out the door.

I admit, I detested the very idea at first. Public displays of altruism make me uncomfortable. But Object has created meaningful change in the past, making it more difficult for strip clubs to get licenses in England (previously, it was as hard as opening a karaoke bar) and raising awareness about the realities of prostitution.


So what does Object ultimately want? "A society free of sexism," according to its website. It exists to challenge the sex-object culture, and the mainstreaming of porn in men's mags is its ground zero. To see its members in action, see a protest video below.

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