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Since the pill has such a long list of benefits, it's no wonder so many of us have been on it for as long as we have. But with that said, I'm sure you've wondered if you should take a break to give your body a chance to be pill-free for a while. While it's popular to think that a break from the pill is beneficial for your body, it's actually not necessary. It's a myth that may have started a while back with older pills that contained high doses of hormones, but today's pills contain a much lower, safer amount. Some women also feel like they should stop the pill for a while to preserve their fertility, but there's no evidence that being on the pill has any effect on a woman's future ability to have a baby — it merely prevents pregnancy while a woman is on it.

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If you're contemplating taking a break only to go back on the pill shortly thereafter, you should know that professionals think it's healthier for your body to remain on the pill. The fluctuations in hormones can have a negative effect, both physically and emotionally. Plus, all the side effects you experienced when you first started the pill, which subsided after a few months, may show up again, so you'll have to deal with moodiness, depression, sore breasts, or yeast infections. The only reason a woman should take a break from her pill is if it's not agreeing with her body, or if she's trying to become pregnant.

Dear's Advice: Even though there are many health benefits associated with taking the pill, I completely understand that you may want to take a break because you don't like the idea of putting chemicals in your body. If that's the case, then you may want to consider going off the pill entirely, and ask your doctor about hormone-free choices like the diaphragm or the ParaGard.


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