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Ogling At The Office

Dear Sugar
There's a guy at work that I've had a crush on for months. He works in a different department then I do but when we pass each other in the hallways, we always say hello. Our conversations never go beyond the casual friendly 'hello how are you', but I always see him looking at me whenever I pass by.

I really want to go out with this guy but I don't know how to ask. How can I approach him, or have him approach me, so we can actually have a conversation? Any advice for this shy girl would be really appreciated. Bashful Betsy

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Dear Bashful Betsy
Sounds like you and your work crush are equally shy, so you might have to step up to the plate and make the first move. Try to elaborate on your usual hallway banter to get to know him better. Ask him how his weekend was or what his Thanksgiving plans are. Just try any kind of small talk to get the conversation going.

Do you ever work on projects together? Is there a common break area where you could hang out a bit more casually? You might have to go out on a limb and invite him to grab lunch, an afternoon cup of coffee, or ask for his help on a work related project. Act as breezy yet as confidant as possible; the buildup is usually the worst part.

If your office hottie says yes, and you feel a spark, ask him if he would like to get together again soon and take it from there. If he has been eyeing you as well, he might feel the same way you do therefore he will appreciate you initiating a date. Although making the first move can seem very daunting, it might be worth it in the long run.

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