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Online Dating? Don't Let Your First Email Be a Dud

We're happy to present this excerpt of a story from one of our favorite sites, YourTango. Today we learn how to make a good first impression when dating online.

You only get one chance to make a first impression; this is as true in Internet dating as it is in life. But now that there are millions of people dating online, the competition is fiercer than ever. If you want to get someone's attention, you need your initial email to really stand out.

I will get to some sample emails, but before I do, let's look at a few, simple guidelines to help you write that irresistible introductory email to the potential future love of your life:

  1. Be brief. Don't write more than a short paragraph. All you're trying to do in this first email is arouse someone's curiosity and get him or her to respond.
  2. Be funny. Everyone loves humor. Don't just say, "I'm funny" — say something funny like, "Boy, are you cute! Email me; I don't bite!" This one gets 'em every time!
  3. Be sexy. Let's be honest: the search for true love eventually leads to sex. So what's the harm in a little harmless sexual innuendo? This doesn't mean you sleep with someone on the first, second, or even 10th date, but there's no harm in creating a little sexual spark right from the start.
  4. Be provocative. Don't be afraid to go over the edge a bit and say something forthright. A client once saw that someone had put her in his favorites. Here's what she wrote: "Hey! Hurry up and write me! How are we going to get this romance off the ground?" She got a response within minutes and a date for the following Friday.
  5. Be silly. Don't belabor what you write. The best emails are off-the-cuff. "Hey, I like collecting chopsticks — you like collecting chopsticks! Looks like we're a match made in heaven. ;-)" One last thing: use emoticons and acronyms, but use them sparingly. More than a couple in an email is overkill.

For the rest of the article, head to YourTango: Online Dating? Don't Let Your First Email Be a Dud.

— Lisa Shield

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