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What Dating Profile Cliches Do You Avoid?

Nobody wants to be a stereotype — or is that just the biggest stereotype of all? — but, we all kind of are. Yet dating profiles are no place to accept the inevitable. OkTrends, OkCupid's blog that quantifies people's online dating behavior, has gathered up people's interests by race and gender. Below is what white women like to admit liking when looking to meet a man on OkCupid.

Seeing the same interests in profile after profile is about as attractive as an online wink, albeit less creepy. I'm certainly guilty of a few (Pilates, flea markets, historical fiction), but I try to mix expected interests with the weird, which I recognize is a type in itself. I certainly stay away from this year's biggest book and last year's little film that could. What do you avoid?

starbucks2 starbucks2 7 years
I know so many girls that have really tough movies listed as their favourite movies! Kill Bill tops that list....yeah right....Like they really like to watch that!
Linz2244 Linz2244 7 years
Whoa. Really??? That does sound a bit "country lovin." I wonder what words would come up for us Aussie girls... I know wine would be the same haha.
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
Nascar, horseback riding, country girl, Kenny Chesney, horses, country music, Tim McGraw, Carrie Underwood. Hmm... country lovin'
Studio16 Studio16 7 years
I want to know the context of "my red hair". Was it supposed to be inviting, like, "I'm a column of warmth only made better by my red hair"? Or was it sexual, like, "You will love playing in my red hair"? Creepy. Anyway Like skigurl, I can totally see girls putting these down. Most of my friends in college and high school are too young for a dating site, but don't think that this isn't on the Facebook profile! "I'm a country girl" (I live in the deep south) "My favorite NASCAR driver is..." "I'm litterally [sic] obsest [sic] with diet coke!" The list goes on and on. And on and on and on. But yeah, I can totally see girls putting this on their dating profiles going, "Omg, guys are going to love me. All guys love baseball, and the Boston Red Sox are like, the most popular baseball team, so I'll get lots of guys!" I'm sure some of them are making these sorts of things up though.
skigurl skigurl 7 years
this is so funny, because I totally believe it, and certain ones I can totally see a girl putting down, figuring a guy would love it and she would think she's the only one, so unique! (bonfires! red sox! country girl!) and boating - do you boat, or do you enjoy boating when presented with a boat which is like once every 6 years at your uncle's lakehouse? and not since you were 16? but others, like Jodi Picoult? a guy isn't going to know who that is, and if he does, it's not like it makes you seem super cool or intelligent! and diet coke? mom? girlfriends? guys don't like this sort of information! waitress? not super cool. and mascara? wtf is that even in reference to that said, there are a couple things on there that are legitimately of interest to me (well two of my biggest interests and every weekend activities in summer and winter - skiing and boating) so I would have to put them down, even if they seem cliche, because they ARE me!
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