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Oprah Was Obsessed With Seventeen Magazine

Oprah's Seventeen Magazine Obsession Explains Her Career

In the January issue of O, Oprah explains that her teen obsession with Seventeen magazine inspired her to create her new network, OWN. She says Seventeen was "a space where I could get some guidance, a space where I could be entertained, a space that was fun for me, where I was allowed to feel most like myself," and describes her complete dedication as such:

"When I was growing up, Seventeen magazine was like my bible. It was 50 cents a copy. I was at the drugstore every month — I knew the date that they were dropped because I never had enough money for a subscription, but I saved my 50 cents and I was there. Whatever Seventeen magazine said, I did."

That sounds a lot like how some treat Oprah: whatever Oprah reads, they read. Whatever Oprah buys, they buy. And people treat her word like the bible, too. At least fictional characters — when asked about her religious beliefs, 30 Rock's Liz Lemon infamously replied: "I pretty much do whatever Oprah tells me to."

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