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Oregon's Green Idea: Taxing For Miles Driven Instead of Gas

Oregon's Green Idea: Taxing For Miles Driven Instead of Gas

Oregon drivers may soon start limiting their joyrides. The governor has called for a highway tax based on miles driven, not gasoline purchases after gas tax revenues dropped to $4.8 million a year compared with 2006.

The idea is that a state task force would equip every new vehicle in the state with a Global Positioning System device to record every mile driven and where. Motorists would pay at the gas pump based on how much they drove, whether they drive a Prius or a clunker party bus.

Oregon is one of the first states to start talking about a mileage fee, but Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Florida, Rhode Island, Minnesota and Texas have expressed interest in dropping the gas tax and charging drivers for their mileage. The proposal has already received plenty of opposition from Oregonians who say it would discriminate against rural residents, who have to drive farther for groceries, school and work, and caused concerns about government monitoring.

Do you think it's a smart move?


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