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Osama bin Laden Releases New Single Threatening Europe

Osama bin Laden took a break from condemning America, instead taking aim at the European Union and the Catholic Church. In an audio tape tentatively attributed to the fugitive terrorist, his first message of 2008, bin Laden threatened the European Union "grave punishment" for publishing offensive cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. His new single is titled: "The Response Will Be What You See, Not What You Hear."

In 2006, 50 people were killed after a Danish newspaper republished cartoons of the Prophet with a bomb as a turban. Many saw the cartoons as an attack on Islam. Enraged by the infamous cartoons, bin Laden called them a part of a "new crusade" and accused Pope Benedict XVI of being involved.

Are you troubled by this new tape? Do you think the constant reminder that bin Laden is still at-large gives his followers motivation to keep fighting?


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