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Do you have the liberal or conservative gene? That's right, we may be born with our political persuasions. According to some anecdotal evidence, backed up by scholarly research, our DNA may have more to say about how we vote than our upbringing or environment.

In the UK, a Liberal member of Parliament went on a mission to find his biological parents. The adopted politician found out that his great-grandfather was also a member of parliament, and a member of the Liberal party too!

Coincidence? Not according to a recent study of American twins. Researches found that identical twins, who have the exact same genetic makeup, agree about politics more than fraternal twins. Now, science is trying to identify the exact "politics" gene.

So does this mean pundits will start analyzing the "CC phenotype" vote? Should politicians pander to the "641C homozygote" constituency?

Do we have political free will, or is it all written in our DNA? I'm not sure I really want to know.


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