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A Russian professor who's been predicting the end of the US for years is starting to get attention. His argument? Immigration, the economy, moral degradation (whaa?) will trigger a civil war and the eventual breakup of the US. Oh, and he says there's a 45-55 percent chance this will happen by next year.

Maybe his timing is dubious, but the argument that's been disregarded for years in Russia is starting to be taken seriously. At least if you consider the state-run Russian media, where it's been getting considerable coverage, serious.

So if the US is breaking up, where will we live? To find out,


  • California Republic: Formed by the Western states, this area would be controlled by China or be under Chinese influence
  • Texas Republic: A cluster of states in the Southwest would go to Mexico.
  • Atlantic America: Eastern states, from South Carolina to Maine, will join the European Union.
  • Central North American Republic: Northern Midwest and Great Plain states will go to Canada.
  • Hawaii: The state will become a territory of China or Japan.
  • Alaska: Putin will rear his head into Alaskan air space, making Russia the proud new owner of the great state of Alaska.

It's easy to laugh this off, until we're reminded that the French political scientist was met with laughter when he predicted the Soviet Union's collapse 15 years before it. Happy New Year!

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