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Over-the-Counter Plan B For Girls Under 17

Should Plan B Be Over the Counter For Girls Under 17?

An initiative to make Plan B available over the counter for all ages has been vetoed. The FDA recommended yesterday that based on scientific data the morning-after pill is safe, effective, and should be available to women of all ages without a prescription. But an official from the US Department of Health and Human Services nixed the decision on the basis that girls under 17 don't have the maturity to understand the use and risks of Plan B.

Those who support the FDA's recommendation believe girls will be too scared to ask their parents or doctors for a morning-after pill prescription, and that having it more easily accessible will help prevent teen pregnancies. But antiabortion groups are happy with the decision to keep the drug prescription-only for girls 16 and under, with one spokeswoman saying, "they make vulnerable women and girls even more at risk to abusers who may acquire the drugs to cover up their criminal behavior."

Even President Obama defends the Plan B decision "as the father of two daughters."

But I want to know, what do you think about the accessibility of the morning-after pill? Should young girls be able to use emergency contraception without a prescription, or do you believe they aren't mature enough to handle it on their own?

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