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Overweight Dating Show — Discrimination or Inspiration?

Fox has unveiled the latest dating show to hit TV — More to Love. The series will feature "a single average guy with a big waist and an even bigger heart" looking for a full-figured soul mate.

Images of impossibly thin models, actresses, and other celebrities saturate popular culture. Perhaps a show about regular sized people could help us all embrace our natural sizes.

But, I can't help but think of the show's theme as a gimmick, that will further the idea that our weight should dominate our identities.

Do you think the nonskinny will look at the show as a breakthrough? Or would they rather be featured on TV not as an "overweight" person, but just as a person?


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ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i don't know if i can really use either word on this one. i think that reality shows take things to a whole different level, and not necessarily a good one. in this case - it's kind of mocking the whole system. i get that it's a dating show, and i get that they are targeting a certain type of person, but it's a little ridic if you think about it. i think that it could be inspirational to know that there are folks out there who really want to be with someone that's not the cookie cutter shape, but otherwise, i just think that it's a joke.
Moms Moms 8 years
I think it's discriminatory and ridiculous. Why can't you just have all types of people on regular shows?
lemuse20 lemuse20 8 years
DACIANA, I was thinking the same thing. Which is it, overweight or normal-sized people?
genesisrocks genesisrocks 8 years
Because only fat people want to date other fat people, right?
Smacks83 Smacks83 8 years
Misskacie, I know those aren't your words, but I do see a bit of a flaw in that logic because then what will be cried out is :So, just because she's skinny it means she's vapid/stupid/vain/etc. I just think reality shows need to end now. And Molly, I totally agree on the show's name! It sounds so mean
Grandpa Grandpa 8 years
misskacie, I think the deciding factor for the bachelor would be: "How fast can I get her into bed"
hypnoticmix hypnoticmix 8 years
This is a fine article Citizen just because it deals with culture & sociology rather than politics and law doesn't make it any less.
misskacie misskacie 8 years
Not my words, but I totally agree with this: "I never really got why they didn't cast more people of different sizes and personalities on the dating shows, instead of 20-30 skinny people. It might be a lot more interesting to see a competition between a really cool, laid-back, funny chick who's a little heavier up against a vapid girl who's a size 2. At least then the 'bachelor' would have more decision angles. And most importantly, the home viewers could have so many more reasons to hate him. :) "
Grandpa Grandpa 8 years
size like any other "fashion" is subject to change with time and culture. Go back 500 years to the baroque period, and look at the women painted. It is from that period and the Flemish painter Reuben's we get the expression "Rubenesq" to mean a hefty woman but well proportioned.
I'm not sure how being fat is our "natural" size. When in history did we ever have obesity rates like we have today in industrialized nations? We are fat because of our extremely unnatural sedentary lifestyles and cheap, convenient, unhealthy, processed food. If you want to find your natural shape, try doing manual labor all day and eat mostly unprocessed food. I don't blame fat people for their size. It's EXTREMELY difficult to maintain a healthy weight in America. But I don't buy the idea that being fat is natural and one can only be skinny by unnatural efforts.
momma-tikita momma-tikita 8 years
That show sounds horrible..I will probably watch it.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
there may be more than one way to cover a story, but there is also more newsworthy material out there so you dont have to put two spins on one....boring....story. Seriously a poll on a show about overwieght people? sad.
zeze zeze 8 years
Why all the hate on CitizenSugar...this is a news site spawned from a tabloid celebrity site - you are not on CSPAN.Com people...I like these fun/pop culture stories mixed in with the news (like the shopping/periods story) - if I wanted hard-line news I would go somewhere else. And this show seems lame, it is one thing to show fat people losing weight and another to show fat people dating only fat people - makes it seem like fat people can only be attractive to other fat people - which isn't true. But I guess all these dating shows do that, Bachelors have all been white, 95% of the women are always white, they are all nothing worse than the Bachelor, but nothing better either. It would be interesting to see a show that didn't have a weight requirement and put a normal mix of people, all shapes and sizes and let us watch them humiliate themselves in the name of reality tv love!
hypnoticmix hypnoticmix 8 years
If this were a show for the average Joe’s & plane Jane’s in general then I would be all for it 100% however because it specifically targets (large, fat, obese) people it makes it gimmicky and somewhat disingenuous IMO. Yes the mass media has gradually ever so slowly been shifting it’s market vision especially when it comes to women to fuller figures. One pretty faced celebrity who I think has had the most impact in pressing the issue is Queen Latiffa. There are many others but she just stands out to me. Like I said making a dating style show for the average person is great but the danger is if it’s produced and we don’t support in the ratings what it says to the industry is we’re full of it and we really do like the saturation of pretty faces and athletic bodies.
flutterpie flutterpie 8 years
i think the whole premise (shows such as biggest loser, celebrity fit club) serves the idea that if your overweight your bad or you deserve to be ridiculed. i can imagine how the idea went down in the meeting "so guys what hasnt been done yet" "ooh i know a dating show for fat people" "ohhh ya big girls need love too!" snicker snicker...snark snark.
Molly Molly 8 years
I'll have to wait and see, because really The Biggest Loser is the most derogatory name ever but that show is super inspirational to people. Also, there's more than one way to cover any topic.
starangel82 starangel82 8 years
How about the option 'Move to Buzz'?
Grandpa Grandpa 8 years
Isn't there a "redneck wedding". I don't know if it is inspirational or not. You can never underestimate what folks will turn on and watch on TV in the name of entertainment.
amybdk amybdk 8 years
liliblu liliblu 8 years
So Citizens now stealing stories from Buzz? It's worse than I thought.
stephley stephley 8 years
Mich, I'm pretty sure it's not interesting enough to post twice.
popgoestheworld popgoestheworld 8 years
Where's the choice for "none of the above." Although I will say, I typically see fit people together and heavy people together. Of course there are many exceptions, but in large part (pun intended) people do tend to pair up with people who have similar lifestyles and habits.
Michelann Michelann 8 years
Lili, it is also posted on Buzz. I'm not sure this is interesting enough to be posted on two Sugar sites...
liliblu liliblu 8 years
Shouldn't this be posted on Buzz?
notinthemood notinthemood 8 years
Kind of ridiculous... it furthers the idea that only things that look alike belong together. Regardless, do they try to lose weight together or something?
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