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Sex is supposed to feel good emotionally and physically. Although women may not have that huge BANG of an orgasm (or a few if you're really lucky) like men do, making love is still supposed to be a happy and pleasurable experience. If you are feeling discomfort or pain during sex (called dyspareunia), something is wrong. Here are some reasons sex could be hurting:

  • As I've said before, lubrication is key in order for sex to feel good. If you are not creating enough of your own "love juices" then I recommend increasing the amount of foreplay time you have before sex. If that doesn't work, purchase a personal lubricant. Also, keep in mind that hormonal birth control and certain meds like allergy medicine can cause vaginal dryness.
  • If your lady business is feeling great normally, but when you have sex it burns or feels irritated, check your condom. Condoms that contain spermicidal lubricant can irritate your lady parts, so try and find condoms with plain old lubricant instead.
  • Latex condoms can also cause irritation. Some women have a latex allergy. It's an unmistakable and horrible feeling, but don't fret, that's what polyurethane condoms are for.

There are other reasons sex can feel painful. To find out what they are,

  • If you have an infection of any sort, lay off the between the sheets moments until you've given your body ample time to get rid of that infection.
  • Certain sexual positions can also hurt. A man can easily hit your pelvic bone in certain positions, and you'll know when he does, so let him know what feels good and what doesn't and try other positions that are pleasurable for you.

Dear's Advice: Pain during sex is a symptom that something is wrong. If you're experiencing pain consistently, there could be something going on with your uterus or ovaries, so it's best to get checked out by your gyno. Once you figure out the reason, you'll be loving sex again in no time.

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patsmom patsmom 9 years
Another sad fact about many women I've seen in my Pharmacy. They did every thing you said ,still no relief. Turns out it was their man passing them an infection because he had one . That's like dear said going to the dr is the most impt Its funny now but when I met my husband I was a virgin. When we knew that this was "it" marriage material we had the talk He was no virgin well no fanfare we did it I knew it would hurt but I felt like I needed ladder 49 to hose me at the er latex allergry so I got poked then poked again Lidocaine
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