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Palin: AP Did "Opposition Research" on Going Rogue

Sarah Palin blasted the Associated Press yesterday for doing "opposition research," more commonly known as fact-checking, on her new book Going Rogue.

"Amazingly, but not surprisingly, the AP somehow nabbed a copy of the book before it was released," she said. "They're now erroneously reporting on the book's contents and are repeating many of the same things they spewed during the campaign and afterwards."

She wrote this on her Facebook page, which doesn't help her cause, but she is onto something. Going Rogue is embargoed, meaning her publisher will not release advance copies to the press before its on-sale date (tomorrow), and the press, even if it were to happen upon a copy early, is not to review it.

So what did the "opposition researchers" find? Find out after the jump.

Pretty much everything we've already heard: she was not as frugal a traveler as she claims to be; she did not run for governor on small donations; and that she was actually for the government bailouts during the campaign.

Palin claims 11 journalists were on the job, which I was only able to verify on her Facebook page. But even if the number's not right, we can't deny the usually objective-to-the-point-of-insipid Associate Press got a little political by putting so much time into a book by a woman no longer in public office. So the ex-governor has some points, but does that change the facts — or lack thereof?

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jackiered jackiered 7 years
lawdaw, I see her as an former governor who ran as VP candidate who was and still is hounded & considered a joke by many. While other conservatives may want to back her as a future candidate, I tend to agree with you~not that I see her as a joke but she probably will never be regarded with the respect one would need to be considered for VP or Pres (altho look at what we have in the White House now!)
lawdawg08 lawdawg08 7 years
Elllla- i agree with you about trying KSM in the civilian fed. court in ny, because of the obvious problems with fed. rules of evidence, civ. pro, crim. pro, and millions that will have to be spent on security. But saying she ticked off the left is not accurate. Further, most republicans see her as a joke, as do i.
mermei mermei 7 years
lawdawg/jocupcake: People have fact and fiction mixed up when it comes to Palin. It's worth thinking about why. But my larger point is still that you don't have to support her - I don't - but at least don't support sexist attacks against her. I happen to think the "factchecking" research was politically motivated and their results were ultimately quite weak - "she said 'often' and we found it was actually 'mostly'"! What she's doing well is speaking over the tops of the media and government establishment's heads and going straight to the people, I but I still do not believe she is enough of a threat to be as reviled as she is.
jackiered jackiered 7 years
Does she have followers? appears to me she has sucessfully ticked off the left just by being a smart woman who has risen in politics. How about focusing on the mess at hand and let her have her opinions just like all of us. I am amused by those who are diverting their anger at her while the man they voted in as Prez is tearing up our nation and spending us into oblivion!
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
She's not the innocent little politician she would have her followers believe. She's a very cold, calculating woman who will pull stunt and say anything to achieve what she wants.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
What I don't understand is why people feel the need to protect her from criticism and fact checking. The AP is there to fact check and call politicians out on it. How about bringing up how she behaved while campaigning. She incited a racist mob mentality about Obama - hinting at his citizenship. At a campaign in Florida, she said that "Obama palled around with terrorists" and that she is "so fearful that this is not a man who see America the way you and I see America". When the crowd started to chant "kill him", she smiles and says nothing.
Eleuthera Eleuthera 7 years
It is clear nothing will keep the naysayers from focusing on her admitted mistakes (and she did make a few) but we will have to disagree on whether she explained or whined. Ellis Hennican thinks she wined.. but then he complains about all conservatives. From what he said I doubt he even read the book. On Oprah, and I differ here respectfully, I felt she explained her points rather well, came across as warm and forthright, without any guile. i suspect this is something which has long been lacking in politics. Holding the governorship of Alaska and doing a better than decent job seems to qualify her in my book.. far more than being a junior senator and a social organizer. I suspect the real dislike of her has to do with her position on God and abortion rights. Of course if one takes the Lord out of the picture where he was somewhat secure even in America until about 25 years ago, then everything is fair game... even personal derision when argument fails.
jackiered jackiered 7 years
Targeting Sarah Palin in my opinion, is nothing more than the left's lame attempt to divert attention away from the miserable state of affairs we currently face- such as a bogus trillion dollar so called stimulus package and frightening national health care plan & the disgusting decision to bring terrorists to NYC for a civil trial (just for starters). It's high time to get back on the real troubles that haunt this nation- Obama's Socialist, terror loving agenda and stop worrying about an ex Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin.
jocupcake jocupcake 7 years
Yes Mermei, I realize that you are saying that people shouldn't treat SNL as a documentary. My point was that anyone who thinks that SNL is "documentary-like" is a little whacked. I personally don't know a single person who has gotten Tina Fey and the real Sarah Palin confused. Re-quoting your full sentence doesn't change the point I was making. To everyone who doesn't understand why people (including me) take such a dislike to Palin, I will try to explain again: I disagree with her platforms, but the real problem for me is that she lies, quite blatantly, yet manages to convince her supporters that she is telling the truth by distracting them with other issues or complaints about her opposition. For instance I first commented on this post because I thought it was absurd of Sarah Palin to complain about fact-checking. Think about this, if you wrote a book why would you care if every media outlet wanted to fact-check the crap out of it? Obviously, if you are telling the truth, fact-checking should not pose a threat to you. Palin then goes on to say that the AP is erroneously reporting on her book. So apparently AP has made up their facts. That is a pretty serious claim, and seeing as how there clear proof for the APs statements, I would have to conclude that Palin is lying about lying in the first place. Of course, lying about how much money she spent on clothing is not a huge deal. I'm more concerned about her ability to manufacture a "truth" that has no basis in reality, and then sell it to the country. So yeah, I think Sarah Palin is a huge problem not just because of the things she says or does, but because a portion of the population is willing to blindly follow her without doing any independent thinking or fact-checking of their own. It is very upsetting to realize how easily fellow Americans can be taken in. But what bothers me most of all, and what makes me most willing to speak out against her is that many of her fervent supporters would be the ones most hurt by her economic, educational, and health care policies. I normally keep to myself when it comes to politics, but I really don't want to just sit by and watch while I feel like people are being misled and used.
lawdawg08 lawdawg08 7 years
Mermei- we all know that snl is pure satire- but there were elements of truth to what tina fey said, and the point that tina fey's skit conveyed was an accurate portrayal of the problem that dems and intellectual conservatives/republicans had with sara palin. Charles Gibson actually posed the question in response to comments made in previous weeks by the palin camp that Alaska was in close proximity to russia and this proximity was somehow a boost to her foreign policy credentials. Charles Gibson: "What insight into Russian actions, particularly in the last couple of weeks, does the proximity of the state give you?" PALIN: "They're our next door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska." Instead of responding to the question posed by Gibson, regarding her insight into our shaky relationship with russia and how to deal with their aggressive behavior in Eastern Europe- she responded by saying that russia was alaska's neighbor and she could see russia from alaska.
jackiered jackiered 7 years
it is entertaining that the mere mention of her name seems to create such anxiety. Observing our current VP, I scratch my head and wonder "how" - Palin can certainly hold her own when placed beside that silly man.
mix-tape mix-tape 7 years
I think it's unfortunate Sarah Palin truly believes she is capable of holding such high office as Vice President, and God forbid President in 2012. I watched her on Oprah and all she did was make up excuses for how she acted during the election race, blaming McCain advisors for what she said during interviews. How she thinks she will be President with that attitude I really don't think I'll ever understand. It's called responsibility and holding public office requires a lot of it. Now that her book is out hopefully she will go back to Alaska and keep her mouth shut.
mermei mermei 7 years
"I don't agree that feminism requires me to support someone that has received sexist attacks. The right has been attacking Hillary Clinton since 1992 with sexist charges, and I still don't support her." Again, I'm not suggesting that feminism requires you to support women who have received sexist attacks. I'm suggesting that at the very least, feminists should not support *sexism*. HUGE difference. If you decide you're okay with sexist attacks against politicians you don't like, then you're opening the way for similarly unfair attacks against the ones you do. I just don't understand why sexism is not only okay when directed at Palin, but actually coming from people who claim to be feminists. Jocupcake, my full sentence was, "It does not excuse flatly making up things she never said or did or using Tina Fey's impression of her as an accurate, documentary-like demonstration of who she is or what she has said." In other words, SNL is not a documentary, so stop treating it like one. That's a shout-out to all the people who still think Palin said things like "I can see Russia from my house," which was actually only ever said by Tina Fey. There's so much fiction floating around Palin, I wouldn't be surprised if have the things people here hate about her weren't actually true. Again, not saying you have to support her, but at least argue with the facts.
jackiered jackiered 7 years
eleu, love your avatar. Who wouldn't want a gorgeous body like that!
lawdawg08 lawdawg08 7 years
Eleuthera- or maybe you would like to be represented by the type of woman that would pose for a public photo in a thong with no bra, in the prone position!? (the woman on your profile pic)
Kimpossible Kimpossible 7 years
I agree with post #6. Calling names is never appropriate. Disagree with someone that's fine, but to lower yourself to calling names or making jokes about a person is just uncalled for. And that goes for both sides of the political fence. It needs to stop somewhere and I think here is a good place. We are a group of intelligent, well spoken individuals. Who cares what the media is reporting about who says what about a person? What matters is what we're saying. Just because a republican gets upset that a democrat is calling someone in their political party names, doesn't mean they should call someone in the dems party names. And visa versa. If the media wants to spew that vitriol let them, but let us be better than that.
Eleuthera Eleuthera 7 years
She gave excellent interviews in the last week in which her warmth and faith shines through. I admire both greatly, especially in a worls which seems to have lost both. I was anxious to read the book and found it equally candid and forward, a fresh change from the clever subterfuges of politics as usual. Unlike one commentator, I saw no evidence of whining, but mere explanation, even at her errors. If that's lying, I'll take a double dose, please. I am definitely a fan. Now I want to hear her political views this week on the real talk shows. The results will determine whether she is able to become politically viable again. I hope she does very very well as this is the type of woman by whom I would love to be represented.
kurniakasih kurniakasih 7 years
Wow. I'm just surprised at Palin's 'power'/'charisma'/'something' to incite strong emotions. I didn't even know that she would be running as president in the future. I haven't heard anything to say she is. To imagine/analyze the 'signals' that she might be running for president in the future sounds like it's kind of like an obsession of Palin. Jmo.
jocupcake jocupcake 7 years
Oh and my "beauty queen" comment was me being saucy and using hyperbole. I do in fact realize that she is also a mother, wife, governor, etc. and not just a pagent girl.
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