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Panda Bear Sets Sex Record

This Male Panda in China Can Go Longer Than Your Boyfriend

A literal bear just showed up your boyfriend's bedroom skills. Lu Lu, a panda at China's Sichuan Giant Panda Research Center, is now famous for his impressive record-breaking sex session with his lovely partner, Zhen Zhen — one that lasted almost eight whole minutes. Girl was probably thinking "enough already," but that didn't stop the ambitious boy bear. Seven minutes and 45 seconds is a lot of lovin' for a panda, but truth be told, there are plenty of human dudes who wouldn't even be able to last quite so long. Research says that the average American man lasts around seven minutes, depending on the state they live in. The persevering panda has been nicknamed "The Enduring Brother" after the raging sex romp broke previous panda sex records. More power to ya, Lu Lu!

Image Source: STR/AFP/Getty Images
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