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Paris Hilton on How 1 Night Changed Her Entire Life

Retiring the baby voice recognized across the world, a grownup 30-year-old Paris Hilton got serious about her sex tape last night with Piers Morgan. It's any daughter's nightmare to discuss a sex tape on national television with your mother sitting next to you, but since 1 Night in Paris helped Paris rise to fame in the first place, she's had to deal with it in public since 2004. Kathy Hilton cried as Paris talked about feeling betrayed by the ex she says released the tape and changed the public's perception of her forever. She says everyone has since viewed her as a slut when she really isn't.

In the years following the tape's debut, Paris has definitely made a lot of money off her image as the sexy party-girl heiress. It may not be all that she really is, but it seemed like who she wanted us to believe she was. Watch this interview and tell me, do you think Paris made the most of her scandal? Or do you think she could have gone a different direction like Kim Kardashian, the other socialite who found her way to fame with the help of sex tape that now feels like a footnote to the dominating Kardashian-family brand?

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lickety-split lickety-split 5 years
she is trash. the kardashians took her place. she shouldn't have done another reality show, she should have done some kind of charity thing. isn't she in her 30's now? grow up.
dvdsky81 dvdsky81 5 years
I can totally see why she never made it as an actress. lol Wow. She is horrible. The tone of of voice-not her words-just screams like she's trying real hard to convince someone......poorly. While selling a tape like that is a shitty thing to do, the way she's laying the blame on like can just tell she's trying to paint herself as a victim-trying to change her image. Basically-it's fake. All fake. Nice try Paris. Stop faking and actually DO it. Pointing the blame elsewhere doesnt work. It just makes yourself look worse. Just move on and the world will move with you. People can take you seriously if you'd accept responsiblity like an adult for ALL your actions(not the tape) and grow up.
xxinfinitepleasurexy xxinfinitepleasurexy 5 years
I sort of see this as complete BS. She had that image for a reason, she constantly seeked attention. If she really didn't want to follow that image then should would of done something about it.
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