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I've heard of a man being able to press a woman's buttons to turn her on, but now he may not have to. There's a new patch on the scene called the Scentuelle’s libido patch for women that's supposed to reignite your sex drive and enhance feelings of sexuality through your sense of smell.

Want to hear more about this libido-lifting patch? Then


The small circular patch is worn on your wrist, and the "high-tech aromas" are specially formulated to get you in the mood! It's made of hundreds of natural and engineered scent molecules that mimic the effects of dopamine and it's effective immediately. There are no side effects, it's nonaddictive, and the scents do not enter your bloodstream. You're instructed to sniff the patch throughout your day, and it's designed to encourage sexual thoughts and feelings.

Now that I've got your attention, tell me what you think about Scentuelle? Would you ever use this patch to increase your sex drive?


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