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Mad Men: Do One-Night Stands Make You Feel Worse?

Peggy! So good at your job, so bad at choosing men. Back in the first season of Mad Men, she skittishly flirts with Don, her boss, on her first day because she's told he needs to like his secretaries to keep them. That fails, and she sleeps with smarmy Pete Campbell, who just happens to be getting married that weekend.

Then last night, she has a "go-round" with — spoiler! — middle-age Duck. BuzzSugar touches on the pure ickiness of this in their 5 Maddest Moments, but I have something to add. I know she's young and negotiating the power of her sexuality, but she sleeps with almost anyone who is willing.

It felt OK when she went home with that college boy earlier this season, because she was clearly in control and having fun. She even said no to sex because he didn't have a condom. Last night, though, it didn't feel like fun anymore. The look on her face the next morning progresses from $%*! to uneasiness and, finally, regret. But who knows, because they do it again! Duck "loves mornings."


Let's hope this tryst doesn't bring any ducklings.

Photo courtesy of AMC

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