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Pennsylvania Primary Results . . . Almost There . . .

While we're desperately waiting for some conclusive results, here are some scraps of info coming from the internet and those notoriously unreliable exit polls. Eat it up wit' Whiz!

  • Wonkette is watching every single cable channel all at once so you don't have to!
  • Huffington Post says exit polls are splitting on gender lines Women: Clinton 55; Obama 44; Men: Clinton 47; Obama 53.
  • According to the Associated Press women and older voters came out in force, encouraging signs for Hillary Clinton.
  • Politico reports that Obama is preparing to spin loss as a victory.
  • Exit polls from ABC found two-thirds of Pennsylvania voters in preliminary exit poll results say Clinton attacked Obama unfairly; fewer, but still about half, also say Obama unfairly attacked Clinton.
  • The New York Times says turnout could be at least double the 26 percent recorded in the 2004 primary.

What's your prediction?


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