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People Born on 9/11

Having a Happy Birthday When It Falls on a Sad Day

Each September, women nine months pregnant must hope their babies find a way to come before or after the 11th of the month. In fact, doctors report women schedule C-sections to avoid the date. Still, it happens, and these new babies join the people who already share the anniversary of their birth with the anniversary of a national tragedy.

For a piece that ran this past weekend, the New York Times interviewed people born on 9/11. One woman says she attends a memorial service each year before she feels entitled to celebrate. And many say they forego celebrations all together, feeling that it's inappropriate to go all out when people around the country are mourning the loss of family and friends. Others don't take it personally. Another woman explained: "When I look back on 9/11, it’s an event that happened on one day in the monumental number of birthdays I hope to have in my life. That day does not represent me, it represents a horrible event."

I bet most of us know someone born on Sept. 11. It's an unfortunate coincidence, but I think I would feel comfortable celebrating my birthday. What about you?

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danakscully64 danakscully64 6 years
My sister's birthday is 9/11. I also have 3 other friends with that birthday.
HollyJRockNRoll HollyJRockNRoll 6 years
Planning C-sections because of 9/11 is dumb! Like many have said, bad things happen every day and you have to keep on living.
opentypeA opentypeA 6 years
I was born on September 11, and this year will be my 21st! I plan on going out with my boyfriend and coworkers on that night :-) September 11 (2001) was a tragic day, but like everyone else said, life goes on as well.
lockandkey lockandkey 6 years
My birthday is on the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. I still celebrate. We mention it in school, but and I do feel bad when seeing all of the news, but I will celebrate my birthday. Everyone feels worse about 9/11, because it is closer to home.
tarabara1229 tarabara1229 6 years
Three of my friends were born on 9/11, and when the attacks actually happened, no one wanted to celebrate. But now it's never an issue and I don't think it should be.
Frenched Frenched 6 years
I agree with everyone who was pointed out that having a 9/11 birthday shouldn't put a damper on your celebration. It's an unfortunate coincidence, but nothing more than that. Life goes on.
chloe-bella chloe-bella 6 years
I think it's insane that anyone would schedule a C-Section just to avoid giving birth on September 11th, and it's equally insane that a doctor would allow the significance of a certain date to come into consideration when making a medical decision.
Lenay Lenay 6 years
My birthday is on the anniversary of JFK's assassination. Talk about a downer. His assassination is often brought up in the news in November in years that end in an 8 or a 3. (Example: November 2013 will mark the 50th anniversary of his demise, and I'm sure I'll have to hear about it every time I turn on the TV.)
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 6 years
People with birthdays on that date should not feel unable to celebrate. There are many sad dates in history, like stephley said, so should we all feel a sense of mourning on our birthdays? For example, my birthday is on the anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr's death. I don't let that define my birth date or make me feel like I have no right to celebrate my birthday. Like skigurl said, it's just an unfortunate circumstance.
stephley stephley 6 years
Do people with birthdays on December 7th feel bad, or April 19th (OK City bombing), or December 26th (tsunami in SE Asia)?
lickety-split lickety-split 6 years
I think about 9/11 more in the days leading up to it. Last year there weren't many tributes or mentions of it where I was. And I suppose everyday is a tragic day for someone. I wouldn't schedule a celebration AT GROUND ZERO. But I'd have it in my home on 9/11. And I wouldn't feel bad living and celebrating. That's what those who are still able to should be doing.
wassy988 wassy988 6 years
My birthday is on September 12th, and I can tell you that it does still cast a shadow over my day personally. I was young when September 11th happened, and find it a fascinating phenomenon in history to study. When I tell people my birthday, more often than not they go, "oh..." and that's it. There is a feeling that accompanies that day, and always will. However, I don't let it ruin my celebrations or fun. But I do make sure to reflect on those who did pass away on their birthday or on mine. It's just one of those things that will always be there, but you must make an effort to make sure it doesn't ruin you.
kismekate kismekate 6 years
My parents anniversary is on September 11th. I don't see the issue with it. I would get married on September 11th still. We are still allowing the tragedy to be successful in running our lives if we globally cease everything for one day every year. I'm not saying we should forget about it. Not at all. It is a day that will forever be marked as history as one of the most horrific events ever. But we can't let that run our lives or make us any less grateful for children born on that day, people married that day, etc.
snarkypants snarkypants 6 years
exactly what onlysourcherry said. something bad has happened on every single day of the year. maybe we should never celebrate anything. ever.
onlysourcherry onlysourcherry 6 years
We're having an engagement party this Sept 11 for my friend. Life goes on and we're allowed to be happy.
skigurl skigurl 6 years
I know at least two people born on September 11th As far as I know, it doesn't affect their celebrations I know it wouldn't affect mine...of course it's an unfortunate coincidence, but the fall of the World Trade Centre is not the only tragic event to happen in history, although it's date is so well known...and it doesn't directly affect me (in that I don't know anyone who died there or know anyone who was close to anyone who did) so I don't feel it's necessary to spend all day grieving every year!
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