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When Bill Clinton started stepping out for Hillary, some were worried people would be so fond of him, Hillary would get lost in the shuffle. According to this piece in New York magazine, that's not entirely the case. Are people falling out of love with Bill?

The piece grapples with learning to love Bill for his faults, ". . . despite all his sleazoid tendencies, he was, of course, a pretty good president—and he turned out to be an absolutely exceptional ex-president, the best of our lifetimes." And reconciling that relationship now, even positing the notion that the love might be lost because, ". . . Obama is the new, highly improved version of Bill Clinton." To see how far he's sunk,


According to NBC News/Wall Street Journal polling, Bill Clinton’s approval rating since he left office have dipped to 32 percent, the most negatively people have felt about him in five years. But why would a man who presided over the greatest financial boom in our nation’s history face such enmity considering our present course?

It comes down to the sticky matter of truth. According to the piece, "Bill Clinton is our great living exemplar of Sam Goldwyn’s great epigram: If you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made."

Do you think Bill is less than sincere? Have you loved and lost with Bill, or never loved at all? Do you think he's hurt Hillary's campaign? Do you wish he could run again?


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