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Blah, blah, sports, blah. Not a popular sentiment, I realize — I mean they're fun to watch and all (I hear) but I'd rather know the names of the leaders of Zimbabwe than whether the World Series has happened yet. I just get concerned over the culture of idolizing athletes — because when has a touchdown ever cured cancer?

That's why I'm particularly excited over Penn State's new line of academic trading cards. Just like baseball cards (or the media heroes cards), the glossy collectables tout the top faculty members. According to the university president, "We have many great faculty, and they are surely worthy of the accolades our society often lavishes on athletes, coaches, and celebrities in the entertainment world." Hear, hear!

To take a peek at what they look like and whose featured,


I mean, imagine if this girl was a excited about Glaciologist Richard Alley and his work, as listed on his card: "He unlocked the SECRET of the Greenland ice core." Take that to the free-throw line! The cards are sadly not for sale, but maybe even better they're being given away at football tail-gate parties. What more perfect place to nudge university fans into remembering that the school is well rounded and says the president, of "the important work being done by our leading scholars." No word on whether the cards come packaged with gum though. . .


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