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Persistant Picking Problem

Dear Sugar
My wife has this unpleasant habit of picking at the pimples on her face. But not only does she sit on the sink in our bathroom for hours before bed each night, she also does it in public. We could be out at a fancy restaurant with another couple and she'll disappear to the ladies room for a half hour. When she finally emerges, she's all splotchy and red. Every time I call her out on it, she acts like she is surprised other people can spot her spots. She also tells me she finds it relaxing. I find it foul! I love my wife and I think she's beautiful. I am afraid she is going to ruin her skin. Do you think she needs hypnosis? Got any suggestions how I can help her?
Horrified Hubby

Dear Horrified Hubby
If she's that obsessed with her skin then I am sure she's tried facials, masks, etc. . . She needs to understand that squeezing blemishes only sends your skin into shock. I think hypnosis is extreme. Have you thought of taking her to the dermatologist? People can be very receptive to fear, and a good M.D. may be able to scare her into zapping her zit examinations. After you go, treat her to YonKa's skincare line. It smells fabulous and it works wonders. Here are a few tips on what to buy: Creme 83 is an everyday face creme for sensitive skin, Creme 11 helps reduce redness, Creme PG is great for calming the skin at the onset of a breakout, and Juvenil is a must for spot treatment. Tell her to drink plenty of water and get lots of rest. This is one area where the old rules still apply. Hubby, if she still doesn't stop -- bust out the oven mitts and duct tape!

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