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There's No Place Like Home

There's No Place Like Home

Dear Sugar
I have been married for two years and just had the most wonderful baby this past May. We had to move to the east coast for my husband's job and I am terribly home sick. I am having a hard time meeting people despite my efforts at being a part of my community. To make matters worse, my husband is on medication for a hyperactive thyroid.

That combined with recently having a baby is taking its toll on our sex life. I want it, but he continuously rejects my advances which makes me feel unattractive and unloved. I have been finding myself thinking a lot about my ex and wondering if I would have been happier with him. I know that my thoughts and feelings are out of control and I am hating myself for thinking about another man. What should I do? Lost Leanne

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Dear Lost Leanne
It sounds like you could you be suffering from postpartum depression. You have made many life changes which are bound to be stressful and quite overwhelming so try not to be too hard on yourself. Is this a permanent move or is there an end date you can look forward too? Starting a new life and making new friends will not happen overnight.

Being a part of the community is a great start; try joining a mommy and me class which could be good for both you and your baby. Have you talked to your husband about your feelings of rejection? Make sure he knows what you need from him and that his support is very important to you right now. It is normal to day dream and think of "what if" when you are not in a happy place.

Are you having thoughts about leaving your husband or do you think these are just growing pains? Have you leaned on your family or friends for support? Perhaps you should look into seeing a therapist so you can speak your mind and work though your feelings of isolation. I am sure with time you will find your niche, and remember, your friends and family are only an airplane ride away.

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