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Places to Travel Alone 2011-03-29 16:15:10

Ticket For One: Where Would You Go on a Solo Trip?

The scenic eye candy starring in Woody Allen's new movie Midnight in Paris made me want to book a trip abroad ASAP. Instead, I'm living vicariously through a friend who's planning an adventure to Paris on her own. Freshly single and getting ready to start a new job, she figures now's her chance to embrace her independence and experience the benefits of traveling alone. Wandering the city of lights as she pleases, she'll be free to reflect on herself and her surroundings, or you know, meet some handsome locals.

From California wine country to Montreal, we've already explored destinations for romantic getaways. But where would you go if you wanted to get away from everything and everyone you know, if only for a week or so?

Source: Flickr User subashkuttan

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