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Please Shower In Moderation

Dear Sugar
One of my best friends from high school is getting married. We stayed close through our college separation, and we are now back in the same city. 6 weeks ago she got engaged to a guy that she's known for 3 months - I was shocked! She also asked if I'd be a bridesmaid. Since then, she's already had 2 showers and an engagement party. I went to the engagement party which was two weeks ago. Some of her college friends are throwing her a lingerie party this weekend and it is about an hour and half from where I live. I really don't want to go. Do you think that I would be a bad friend for not going? She is having 3 more showers before the wedding that I will attend. I feel like I am being selfish by not going to all of her events, but I also really don't want to spend every weekend of the summer doing things for her wedding. She is a good friend, but isn't this overkill? Terrible Bridesmaid

Dear Terrible Bridesmaid
I don't know where you guys live, but I'm going to venture to say the South. Having multiple showers and parties for the bride and groom are more common there. Each little group likes to throw something on their own. That is why you aren't obligated to attend everything - and she doesn't expect you to. A friend of mine had 13 showers. I went to 2 of them and she was more than satisfied. You also do not have to send a gift to each one just because you were invited. Buy her a bunch of small things so she has something to open from you at the ones you go to. Most of all just enjoy. Get to know her friends and celebrate with her.

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