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Plus-Size Models Touched Up to Look Larger

Size Doesn't Matter! Plus-Size Models Touched Up a Size or Six

The average American woman wears a size 14. Crystal Renn, America's top plus-size model, wears a 12. Is it surprising plus-size models are smaller than the women they embody? Hardly, when you consider regular models have size zeros taken in. Yet while magazines are making size 2s smaller, they're making size 12s bigger.

"Because I am a plus-size model, they like to make an example," Crystal told the New York Times. "They see a roll, and they say, ‘Ooh, a roll!’ And they focus on it." But magazines are doing more than that. Crystal admits publications have added weight, making her more a size 20 than 12. Meanwhile another size-12, plus-size model, Jennie Runk, confessed she sometimes wears padding for photo shoots.

Is it patronizing to let a model, smaller than the average woman, represent plus sizes? Yes, of course! But no more than letting a 100-pound woman represent everyone else.

Image Source: WireImage
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sassyroots sassyroots 7 years
okay by no means am i saying that you women are right or wrong. But at some point being shallow has something to do with the judgmental words that are coming out of some of your mouths. we have to all work on something wether its weight or personalities or being judgemental. A size twelve is not big.. lol yall are hilarious. everyones body is different. i have been on this eart for 28 years i have three children and i am a size 16!!!! yeah i said it lol I love myself. yes i am working out and yes i am eating right to lose weight. This is because i want to not because i listen to others opinions :)everyone has a right to be comfortable in their own skin..smooches
staple-salad staple-salad 7 years
@Yoga, most of what I said in that comment was directed at Spacekatgal, sorry I didn't make it more clear.
eastcoastgirl eastcoastgirl 7 years
We should all strive to live healthy lives and realize the world is made of many different sizes. How I carry my weight and how someone else carries their weight can be two different things!
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
Hey staple salad - go back and reread my comments. You are misinterpreting my comments and adding things to them that I never said. I never said I wanted to be sexually harrassed or catcalled. Sorry, that was not me - you have me confused with someone else. Rather I provided links about studies into the obesity crisis. And yes, I did say I was concerned for the obese children. But if you go back and read my comment, at no point did I ever say the parents were or weren't obese. I could care less if the parents are thin, obese, fit or out of shape. The point is that allowing your child to become obese is setting them up for many health issues later in life. You made an assumption that I said obese people have obese children and I never said anything of the sort. Please stop projecting your complaints onto me.
Kaori Kaori 7 years
Oh, my. Posting fail. I haven't commented on this site for a while. I didn't realize that there's now such a long delay between when you post and when your comment appears.
Kaori Kaori 7 years
Sorry for hijacking the thread (I'll probably be ignored for my irrelevance anyhow, lol), but I've noticed that people here have commented that it's silly to have size 0 models represent us while the average American woman (I'm Canadian, but whatever, we're probably not much better) is a size 14. Using that logic, wouldn't that mean that it's also a bit silly to be using 6 foot models representing us since the average height is 5 foot 4? At least with weight, you can shed it most of the time. You can't grow 5 inches with sheer willpower. /jealous fatty - er. shorty?
Kaori Kaori 7 years
Sorry to hijack the thread (my comment will probably be ignored for it's irrelevance anyways, lol), but people here have commented that it's silly to have size 0 models represent us while the average woman is a size 14. Using that logic then isn't it a little silly to use 6 foot models to represent us since the average height is 5 foot 4? With weight, at least you can shed it most of the time. You can't grow 5 inches with sheer willpower. /jealous fatty - er. shorty?
staple-salad staple-salad 7 years
You can say "Being obese is a bad thing", "being obese is unhealthy", "people who are obese should work on losing weight for their health", "obesity puts someone at greater risk for heart disease/diabetes" etc. NOBODY is going to consider that an attack. It's entirely possible to have a science-based discussion about it, WHEN NOBODY UNLEASHES ATTACKS AT OTHER PEOPLE BASED ON (MOSTLY) ARBITRARY THINGS LIKE PANT-SIZE, OR PERSONAL ATTACKS (caps used because I don't know how to bold/if you can bold). Saying "14 if FRACKING HUGE!" to someone who's bone structure will not likely allow them to be UNDER a size 12-14, is an attack. Saying "nobody is healthy at a size 14!" when some people ARE healthy on the bigger side, is an attack. I mean, you'd probably say my ideal weight (170lbs) is "fracking huge" but it's my IDEAL weight as given to my by health professionals (well, my ideal weight to them was 150 when I was ten, I'm 21 now a few inches taller and far more muscular). I would not be offended if you said my current weight (268lbs) was obese/fat (though, I would be offended by "fracking huge" because there's no way to make that anything BUT an attack), because, well, it is. And shy of being a body builder or 6'6", there are very few people that will be even remotely healthy for. Meanwhile, you and Yogaforlife basically saying "OH! You WANT to be sexually harassed by men all the time and you want to be catcalled at! ALL women want that! You're just saying that because you're a fattyfattyfatface! There's no such thing as confidence from within!" is an insult as well. I rather like not being sexually harassed, thank you very much, and I know very few women who do. There's a difference between being defensive saying "Oh, a 1/4lb hamburger with cheese and an XL side of fries is a healthy lunch, fo' schizzle!"and being defensive saying "I know my body, and my body has big bones, big hips and other areas that are telling me that if I lose the weight to be at a healthy size, I'm not going to be smaller than a 12 without being healthy in the opposite direction". And not all obese people teach their children to be unhealthy. I know people who are very much overweight (ie 300+lbs), who have healthy, thin, active children. I also know people who are athletic/super skinny (my parents) who have obese children (me). SOME obese people do teach unhealthy eating habits to their children, but not nearly as many as you probably think. Meanwhile, ever notice that quite a few obese people are poor? Not all of them are TRYING to be obese, but eating healthy can be expensive. I went out and bought some veggies at the only grocery store that's feasibly walking distance from here for someone who has a tight schedule (and even then it's 30mins away), and I spent $30 on about a week's worth of veggies for one person.
staple-salad staple-salad 7 years
@52, from some of the stuff you've said on this comment chain, that comment sounds rather hypocritical. Granted, your attacks weren't personal per-say, but came across as somewhat personal remarks against several users on this site (including me, someone who WOULD be healthy at a size 12-14 because of my genetics and bone structure).
AnastasiaBHausen AnastasiaBHausen 7 years
Hmmm... I really thought these comments were going to have some intellectual conversation about the topic of misleading advertising. Silly me! Instead, it has turned into narcissistic, ego-stroking fat-bashing chat session between Spacekatgal and Yogaforlife. It must be AWESOME being so AWESOME, ladies!!
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
To 44 & 45-- I'm not sure if your comments were in direct reply to mine, but if they were, I wanted to apologize if I did not clarify myself enough because in no way was I trying to state that if you're thin you are unhealthy for being slender. And I do agree that if the average American woman is 5'4 and a size 14, she is clearly not at her healthiest. I just wanted to clarify that-- I wasn't trying to say that a size 14 is healthy and a size 0 is not. I was just trying to say that an emphasis should be put on health (eating right and exercising to be healthy, not focusing so much on thinness as the ultimate goal).
staple-salad staple-salad 7 years
@43 Agree 100%
staple-salad staple-salad 7 years
I like not getting unwanted male attention. I'd like to be considered pretty (and I know that some people do, I have a great figure and great features, and once they are unburried by fat I know they're hot), but I enjoy having male friends who I know AREN'T going to suddenly be into me for my body. I also like being able to go to bars or walk past drunk frat boys without having to worry about being constantly hit on or touched inappropreatly when I'm just trying to get from here to there. All my female friends who ARE hot (and aren't the ones who are in porn or strippers) constantly complain about getting hit on from guys. I have a friend who is positively gorgeous with big awesome boobs who devotes a lot of her time trying to make herself look average just so guys don't do what you seem to insist all women "like". I really ENJOY not having unwanted attention. It's "unwanted" for a reason. I'm in a happy, stable, monogamous relationship with an amazing man I wouldn't leave for the world, why would I feel like I need to have my sexuality and confidence come from guys catcalling and hitting on me constantly? I feel like being fat has taught me to learn a confidence which comes from within, which is stronger than one that relies entirely on guys hitting on me. And I honest-to-gods like that.
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
Sizes are just numbers (generally), so I think arguing over an actual size is a little silly. Everyone does carry weight differently. I just think there should be an emphasis on health, not size and skinniness. It's really silly, in my opinion, to say super skinny models promote healthiness and inspire America to be skinny. Why is that the skinnier models get, the fatter America in general seems to get? Why are eating disorders far more common in western culture than others? People are different bone structures, different muscle masses, different heights, different shapes. It's important to promote health, not simply skinniness or fatness. I don't condone self-perpetuated unhealthiness, whether it's bragging about being obese or bragging about being unhealthily skinny. I think America would get healthier if actual health was the talk of the town. Usually, though, there's a bigger emphasis on "looking good", "fitting into your skinny jeans", yadda yadda. Be happy, be healthy. In an ideal world, at least.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
wowwow - maybe we carry weight differently.
staple-salad staple-salad 7 years
@ 24 You may have big bones, but the thighs of a size 6-8 pant won't even fit over my calves, which are thin in comparison with the rest of my body (and have no fat on them). Different bodies, different sizes. My mom looks anorexic and wears a size 8-10. I'm never going to be smaller than a 10, and a 10 is pushing it. It's all different bodies. @ the "women who are obese are more likely to think that obese people are treated horribly" statement. Of course women are! Obese men are often the funny guy, or the popular dork/frat boy, or some other positive thing. There isn't as much media pressure on guys to lose weight or be shunned from being fat. However, a fat woman comes out and there's an immediate "ewww! Disgusting!" or "Wow, America has an obesity epidemic!" or "LAY OFF THE HAMBURGERS!!!!" statement and all the models for women are impossibly thin to boot, where at least male models look almost healthy. There's a HUGE double standard toward fat people in the US based on gender. Though, the "shunned"-ness of fat women does have plus sides. Being able to walk relatively safely from my boyfriend's dorm to mine while passing two bars full of drunk frat boys without having to worry about being catcalled and whatever is nice. As is pretty much not getting any unwanted male attention and knowing that people love me for who I am and not my body. It also encourages developing a personality, because while a lot of thin women I notice (nobody on here) just rely on their looks to get by in life, but if you're fat, you NEED a big, outgoing personality.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
I know I'm going to get so many comments accusing me of being mean, or against overweight people, but it's so far from the truth. I have family members who are overweight and some that are obese. My own mother is 5'3" and weighs about 200 lbs. I want to see her live a long full life, and not die from complications of Type II diabetes at the age of 60 like her mother did. Her sister used to be obese too but the doctor gave her a warning, and one day she woke up and said she's going to change her life, and she's now healthy, exercising, eating properly. She used to have to do insulin shots and has now learned to manage her diabetes with just diet and exercise.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
I think the worst offense is obese children. Parents who let their children become obese are just setting their children up for so many health problems and issues later on in life. Type II diabetes which is linked to obesity is on the rise in children. It used to be that people in their 40's or older were the ones getting Type II diabetes, but now it's showing up in adolescents and younger. Obesity has become such a health problem, I think it's probably the most expensive health problem we currently face and it's only going to get worse.
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